Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wha Wuz Zat?
by ZeroBear

When it comes to home security, one can never be too vigilant (I looked that word up on

For those of you who don't know it, bumps in the dark are caused by things in the dark, usually big old hairey scarey things. As head of Corporate Security at our house this little PolyBear knows that them late night Boogers hardly ever wakes up Mumzie and Da. If it wasn't for a certain flash light wielding guy them Boogers would sneak right into our bedroom and BLAM!

I found this nifty little LED Booger Chasing Weapon on e-bay a few weeks back and the house has been so much safer since I won the bid ($4.26 plus shipping, charged to Mumzie's CRedit card via her PayPal account - hoo'da thunk she would leave that password laying around?).

For those who want to source out their own tool of light emmitting diode destruction, it's the Model 12, tubular aluminum bodied, double neoprene O-ring gasketed, Reverse machine threaded, waterproof to 30 feet, sure-click pushbutton activated, double A Bat-tree powered LED Booger Blaster (Made in the Good Ol USofA). I selected the black model with 2 extra Bat-trees, cause a BearScout must be prepaired!
I think mine is a 28 caliber. They were out of 45s.

Eat your heart out Jelous Nelleys.

Wha Wuz Zat?

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