Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Every PolyBear Needs to Drive
by ZeroBear

Boy, the Interwebs is a wonderful place! (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Al Gore) Have you ever been to http://www.fakeDriver' They have the nicest people working there.

For only $14.95 they made me up this swell Driver's License from the State of Alasker. And they cheerfully accepted Mumzie's PayPal account. Would you believe I still have that password she left out on the puter desk that night? One never knows when they might need a PayPal password. I figured getting a driver's license from Alasker would raise the fewest questions if I got pulled over for driving on the sidewalk and had to use it at a roadblock, with a bail bondsman or to cash a check or whatever.

Now I just needs me some fast wheels. I asked and Mumzie said "NO" to my offer to share her car with her on days that I don't need it.

I think I'll drop by tonight and see what that have. Anyone know how to spell Lambrigennie?

Maybe I'll pick me up a Ferrari Testosterone. I wonder what Mumzie's PayPal limit is.

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  1. A friend forwarded me a link to your blog. I love it! I make loopy bears & now I wonder what my bears do when I am sleeping.