Monday, February 22, 2010

AstroBear PolyNaught Training
(Highly Technical Stuff)
by ZeroBear

Becoming a AstroBear Polynaught is a difficult task. But readying myself for the upcoming trip to the International Spacey Station requires this preparation. Here I ready myself for acclimation to bigtime centrifugal gravity stress at the Top Secret AstroBear training facility.

This is the giraffatron machine which will spin me round and round at mind boggling fast speeds while simultaneously blasting my polyear organs with super calliope auditory stress. My commitment to this mission is such that I am willing to submit my body to these stresses without aid of ear plugs, safety harness, ducktape or velcro. Even the giraffatron seems impressed, as he should since few Astrobear Polynaughts will take on this training paws free, with nothing more than my favorite fuzzyhat to protect my earbones. You will notice lesser skilled hoomans in the amateur section behind me having to utilize Daddy assistance to exit the Slingatron after training on a level 1 Horseytron.

I live for this adventure stuff. 

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