Friday, February 12, 2010

Reporting from ZeroBear Central:
By ZeroBear

Mumzie is snookered down somewhere else in teh house. I hopes she's making us some seafood chowder cause I likes me some chowder when its cold outside. Also hope we don't run out of crackers cause I likes me some crackers with my chowder. A big old cup of hot chocolate would be nice, too.  Da's at work down at the salt mines - I can't imagine why - so I thought I'd update you peoples on the situation here as White Death strikes fear into all non PolyBear peoples at our house.

All will continue with ZeroBear Blog with little or no interruption, unless my typing nose gets tired. I guess i never did a posting on how hard it is tp typs without fingers. Yes, I'm finger challenged, but I has a very smartg nose, even when it bumps the wrong key. Sometimes Mumzie and Da gets a littel furstrated when the puter typerboard gets snotty, but other than that we work everythng out ok. That's what they make windex for, isn't it?

See the thing is they needs me to pull teh fanmily through these horrible white death days, which are no big deal if you'se a PolyBear.

To bring you up to date, it's been a tough day sofar here at ZeroBear Blog central. Right away this morning, Da stole my hat and my going outside scarf that Mumzie knitted me for Da's Birthday last year. Without those, I guess I'm stuck inside, but it's no big deal because the snowmobile I ordered from didn't come in (Pox on their shipping department). I guess it could be that Mumzie's PayPal account is maxed out. My ordering those 856 cases of canned squid from Australia may have pushed it over teh limit. 

I has outside white death photos for you folks that I'll post later. Oprah is coming on in a few and Judge Judy after that, So I got's things to do.

Did you know it's National Arbor Day today? Hoo was the brain that decided to plant trees during WHite Death?

Uh, someone faxed me that it's not Natonal Arbor Day until April 30. Sorry, My bad. Carry on.

See you guys later.

ZeroBear PolyBear

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