Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Broken Hearts

Alas, Miss Scarlet and I have had a falling out.


She left me for some Hollywood Actor Bear.


He turned her head with that ritzy west coast lifestyle

"Honey This and Honey That"


(Uncomfortable interlude as an extended period
of uncontrollable sobbing passes)


I may have found a remedy though. In checking out
all of the Mental Health and Wellness sites:

1 - Dear Abby                        
2 - Advice by Amanda           
3 - Lost Love Tips by Louie   
4 - Darleene's do it this way    
5 - Wally's Words of Wisdom

I have found there is help to get you through the healing process.

With the help of Dr. Mumzie's Waffle Treatment
I may make it through this.

I hope the waffle iron holds up to the task ahead


Do you ever dream about flying?

Yeh, I do too.

I can't figure out why I can't fly because lots of other
guys seem to be able to fly with no trouble at all.

Nothing much to say here. This guy has it down pat.

Here is a whole flock of flyers. Easy peasey.

It is a well known fact that cats are pretty good flyers
even from a young age.

This guy is in a definite flaps down, take off configuration.

I can't lie to you guys though,
because that's just the kind of PolyBear I am...

This is how I want to fly.

Key Top Gun flyby music...


Anybody know where I can pick up one of these babies?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Odd Thoughts for an Odd Day

Should you allow people to push you around?

Or should you stand your ground?

I say you should make a line in the sand and say

"Hold it right there, Mr!"

can the little guy ever win?

but at least he can go down fighting!

Lastly, and because

whatever I might say would be inappropriate,

I offer this without comment:

Polar Bears Can Swim!

Yes - Seriously

Did you know that Polar Bears are
pretty good swimmers?

Evidently they spend a lot of time in the water.
Maybe they like a cool dip.

Doesn't seem to bother them at all

It seems like Polar Bears get around in the
water just fine,

but I'm not all that good at swimming

Most of my time in the water is limited to
bath time, and I hate it.

Maybe I need some swimming lessons
so I could learn to take care of myself in the water 
like a polar bear.

I'll have to look into it, because

evidently it doesn't come naturally to all of them and
some need a little help learning.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Do You Know What Polar Bears Love?

All across the frozen northland
Polar Bears large and small
frequently enjoy a break from
the daily routine with a refreshing

beverage, and when they do
Polar Bears always choose Mr. Koke.

It's the soft drink choice of discriminating
bears everywhere.

Mr. Koke
(a trademarked brand of the
KokerCoaler Corporation)
Available at a convenience store,
self service machine or soda fountain
near you.

(this seemingly innocent post earned
ZeroBear PolyBear Web-based Advertizing,
LLC an amazing amount of payola cash.
You too can have our own Blog and
funnel boocoo ad moneys to your offshore
bank account. Learn how by purchasing
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Without them, they get cold

Which Way Did He Go?

He went

That way ...

That way

that way

that way

All we know is if he went that way,

we're going this way.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Yeh, it's Academy Awards Night

You know Oscar's big night.

My good buddy Billy Crystal was really shocked
when they asked him to host again. I gave him
some good lines for his opening and I think
he'll do the good job he always does.

I'll be there. watch for me. I'm sitting between Clooney
and the Pittster so that I can keep them from throttling
each other during their big moment as
Best Actor is announced.


I'm up for Best Blog by a PolyBear named ZeroBear.

I'm wearing a BowTie by Mr. John's Men's Store
with a Mumzie Knitted Hat and my favorite Da Sweater.
Cut down and custom tailored by Mumzie to fit of course

That's Miss Scarlett on my arm,
She's my main Holywood Squeeze.


Yes I think so, but I've always enjoyed the
reputation of being a good looking PolyBear.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Everyone Wants to Know

His proud Papa gets asked all the time and
always responds the same way.

"No, he was the principal foot double in the movie,
but they heard something they didn't like in his accent,
so they gave the role to that other kid, who isn't even
from the South Pole. If I'm correct, he was living in a
zoo in Boston when they found him and can't dance
at all. I do know for a fact that of all the kids that they
called back for a second screen test, his feet
were the happiest."

"I had a screen test once, for that movie where the big ship
sunk. Here's my King of the World pose. I would have been
much better in the male lead, but I understand why they chose
DeCaprio. It's just the business we're in."

He always walks away after that and won't say anything more.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mommy Conversations

Happens all the time

"No he doesn't. Does your's have happy feet?"

"As far as I know, No."

My Feet Are Not Happy

I think it's because they are cold

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Feet Are Not Happy

And I can't dance.
Otherwise I would have been perfect for the part.


Da says I'm not very patient and
that I should learn to chill out a little.

Maybe it's because I woke him up
last night at 3:00 am.

It was half past waffle time. What else was I to do?

He says that if I got a report card

That I would get a
in waiting for breakfast.

Anyhow, he's not talking to me right now. Just sits
in his chair rubbing a big red stick whack mark
across his nose. I can't imagine how it got there,
looks like it may leave a mark. 

He'll get over it and until he does, I'll survive.

Mumzie bought Da a box of Raspberry Zingers
last week and I hid them from him so I have more
than enough chow to get by for a few days.

I don't know why he gets upset with every little
PolyBear that wants waffles at 3:00 am.

Lots of other people have poor waiting skills.

It seems like

No one wants to wait for even a minute.

IMO I am pretty good at waiting. Last night I had been
awake and starving for waffles for at least 10 minutes
before I politely whacked him across the face with a
stick to get his attention.

After a little research, I have decided airline pilots
are a lot worse waiters than me.

Somebody here needs to learn to wait their turn in line!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Don't Do Politics Very Well, but

Would you ever say this couple
would someday be

President of the United States
and Secretary of State of the USA?

Uh ... I thought I was President.

Uh Unh
My Job

I'm in  the drivers seat now.

We Don't Do Recipes

I figure you can go find them yourself if you cook
which I don't. I however am a semi-pro TaterTot eater

and look at what I found!

Yes it is!

I know, with bacon and cheeses and corn
and Onions!

Tonight for diner I hope

We'd need enough for seconds, so maybe two or three.

Please Mumzie!

Please Da!

Just this one time.

I promise I'll try to find Da's
cellphone that accidently got lost last night.

There's a chance I know where it is...

Disappointment - How Painful Is Thy Sting

Those of us in the creative arts business must
quickly learn to live with disappointment. Rejection
is a part of what we do.

What seems like perfectly acceptable artful
expression to us may not be what the world
is ready to accept at all.

We stare at the dreaded blank computer screen for hours
looking for the perfectly original first line of our great
American PolyBear novel and then in a flash, our
eureka! moment comes:

"These were the best of times and the worst of times." 

and the world is not impressed.

Rejection happens to everybody and you must
find coping mechanisms if you are to survive.

Friends help in these times of great disappointment.

"It's ok George. Every actor has a bad screen test every
now and then. They were just casting this screenplay in a
different direction. There will be other movies for you.
Your chance will come. I think your feet were very happy."