Thursday, May 31, 2012

In case you wondered

That's an old ketchup factory in the background

and I'm about to go down good old Troy Hill to Ohio
and then into the city.

We were headed to good old

U of Pitt. They wanted to make me an Honorary PhD
of PolyBearology.

Good gig when you can get it.

That tall building back behind me is their Tower
of Learning. Know what I learned?

That even though their sign is broken in the M
Jo Mamas has a pretty good Meatball Sandwich.

I would have shown you a photo, but it got eaten
before my photog team showed up.

That's the skyline on the other side of that bridge.

Here I am getting ready to go mountain bike riding.


I live for Adventure.

I had no idea

That Pittsburgh was such a swell place

If you never had one, you have absolutely
no idea what you have missed.
And I guess they made them in this parking lot.

They have big football fields named after pickles.

Or maybe after 57 bottles of Ketchup or steak sauce.

They have the very most

Modern Cafes in Pittsburgh


Good places to go eat waffles

We already talked about Waffle Restaurants?

Well, one can never talk too much about waffles!

Here's another bridge.

and me.

No, I was just resting my eyes.
I could have gone 24/7 while we were there.

That's a Pittsburger door out there behind me.

For Today Only

There will be no shipping charges on any item
offered on today's scam special offerings.

!!! That's right - free shipping !!!

The only problem we see with this very special
(not likely to ever be repeated)
special offer is that as far as we know at this time,
no offers subject to the addition of shipping charges
will be made today.

Still - all in all - a pretty swell offer for our loyal customers.

Don't you think?

I certainly do!

You're welcome!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ask ZeroBear

Mr. ZeroBear
How do I expand my interwebs life?

Become a friend to The ZeroBear Blog!

That's right - for a limited time you can become a friend
to the ZeroBear Blog Site.

See over there to the right - toward the bottom?

Join up with the hundreds ( at least 12) of others
and open yourself up to the ridicule
of your friends.

Just remember, this offer is for today only
(maybe tomorrow, too)
(actually any day).

Art in Pittsburgh

The town is full of it.

They have all types

Steel Art stuff that will rust your bottom.

Scary Art that will try to eat you.

Artsy Art

Museum Art

In fact they have so much of it that they

Had to put some on the side of their buildings.

We had a special piece commissioned
while we were there that you should
be able to enjoy.

It's called

Da's Foot.

Lifelike, isn't it!

I have had custom hand colored
prints made that you can add
to your personal Art collection.
Copies can be ordered from

ZeroBear PolyBear Art Works, LLC
just e-mail us and we'll take care of you
(like maybe reporting you to the guys at the funny farm)

only $58,972.27 each
(postage not included) 

your print may vary from the one shown
in content, size and crayola color used.

We absolutely guarantee it will be hand colored.

Pittsburgh a city of bridges

My chief tour guide (BroBert)
tells me that they have more bridges in Pittsburgh

than in Venice. I don't know if that's true, because
I've never been to Venice, actually I have never
been anywhere in Arizona.

In case you don't know, that's a bridge behind me.


more of them

Yadda Yadda


In fact, they have 446 of them, beating venice by 4.

only beat them by 3 bridges?


I also noticed Pittsburgh has several fine
Waffle establishments

Like this place.

Now that's a fact you need to file away.


Do you know this place?

Do you know what they do here?

They make stuff that could make a Little PolyBear's
head all swimmy.

Truth is it didn't.

But it could.

Monday, May 28, 2012

I have to hand it to Pittsburgh

They have spared no expense to cover my visit here.

They even pulled out the Goodyear Blimp for aerial coverage!

It wasn't?

Direct TV Blimp?

Same difference...

Sometimes a PolyBear has to do dangerous stuff

This life of adventure gets dangeous at times.

Like yesterday.

We were doing a photo shoot and the photog suggested
we go over to WQED to do a few shots.

That's the local public TV studio here in Pittsburgh. I
Mr. Rogers lived there once.

He was gone yesterday and they used a stand-in.

So who did I have to have my photo shot with?

A Minster Rogers impersonator.

who happens to be a great big

Poly Bear eating lizard!

I think he thought he had lunch and afternoon
snacks all gathered together.

I liked this better. You hardly ever hear that
a modern art statue ate anyone.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


You know I never knew

Mr. Rogers was such a big dude


Saturday, May 26, 2012


8:30 pm





A tired Bear?

Are you kidding?

Just trying to make Mumzie and Da feel better,
because they were getting tired and I hated to
make them feel bad.

A short commercial message

As the new national SpokesBear for this fine company

I'd like to point out that whenever
ZeroBear PolyBear needs propelling

He chooses "Propel Zero"

Available at fine Grocery Stores and Convenience
Centers in your area. Buy a sixpack today!


I was not

I was just

Resting ny eyes.

Of course you know

About every twenty or thirty minutes, today

I had to spell Da.

He did work the pedals for me, but I did all the hard stuff
like steering and horn honking.

West Virginia

3:28 pm

Da says we

Are in West Virginia

12 hours on the road.

Rome was built quicker than this.

It wasn't?

How do you know? Were you there?

4:10 pm

A good thing happened here.

We ran into some Rolling Thunder guys

Headed toward DC.

Go guys! Was a pleasure riding with you for a while.


Will Kentucky never end?

If it weren't for

the swell snicky snacks Mumzie packed, I don't think
I'd make it across Kentucky.

Drive, Drive, Drive

Da is doing OK, but there is no way I will tell him that.

He should be happy that

I'm willing to share my stash of oatmeal cookies with him.

Faster Da.

Put that pedal to the metal!

Lexington, KY

Home of this swell Castle


Keeneland Race Track

I put $2.00 on a pony and intent to make a fortune
off my bet.

Who did I choose?

Come Later!

He was 4,786,943 to 1

I'm gonna be rich!

Let's see Da stop me from getting that Go Fast Red
Corvette back in Bowling Green then!

I may buy two of them

Or this one. I wish it was red.

Once again

The Government is lieing to us.

exhibit one:

The grass is green.

The sky is blue.

I rest my case.

Da took their lie - Hook, Line and Sinker.

BlueGrass Parkway, my yellow leg.

Should be The GreenGrass Parkway. 


Da has been following this old truck for hours.

Why I have no idea.

I'm a passer myself.

Anyhow, we somehow have managed to

get into Kentucky.

Home of Lincoln

and the Corvette

Here we are at the National Corvette Museum.

Da says that the assembly plant is right down the road
here in Bowling Green.

I say we should stop and buy me a

red one. I bet I could get to Pittsburgh a week before Da
if I had me this baby. It is painted in their special
"Go Fast Red".

Da says, "Not this trip."