Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beautiful People on The Interwebs:
by ZeroBear

This is Shiela. She is a really nice lady from Ventura, California. I met her in a chat room one evening last week. I think she is a lovely person with a beautiful aura. As I understand she works in the entertainment industry. She likes sunset walks on the beach, tournament bassfishing, train rides, fast cars, Chili-cheese-dogs, tatertots, Tupelo-two-step line dancing, Waffle Houses and snuggle movies. Obviously she is fond of pink, shiney things and evidently also quite smitten with former NFL 3 time Pro-Bowl Tight End, CIA Secret Agent, Multimillionare PolyBear NASCAR drivers (sic). 

We may meet in Vegas next month at the Pink People chat room convention - if I can get a plane ticket charged on Mumzie's Pay-Pal acount. I understand Southwest Airlines has a "What Happpens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" special that runs all through March, so I'm feeling good about this.

Does anyone know a good (cheap) Limo Driver in Vegas? I also need to go on-line and learn how to play No Limit Texas Holdem Poker, which it seems someone posted on teh INterwebs that I am quite good at. If you come by ask for my table.

Please tell me that this photo looks a lot like me (Link), because for some reason, this is the photo of me that got sent to Shiela. Sometimes the Interwebs moves awfully fast for a little PolyBear.

Hubba Hubba

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