Monday, February 15, 2010

The Mighty Hunter. Protector of the Homefront
By ZeroBear

Through the forest, he stalks the fierce ten point buck. "Gotcha"

He knows the call of the goose.
He knows the "Honk, Honk" that will lure them in. "Bango"

As they fly down, he is ready. Klaboom"

Even the fierce wild pink pig knows the futility of resisting this hunter. "You're mine now, Piggie. Freeze!"

However, ever vigilant to the threat of the intruder, he is always mindful of his obligation to the family and so he remains always ready to shout out the words Invader boogers fear to hear - "Stick 'em up, loser", or "Make my day, Sucker".

Yes Pilgrim, ZeroBear is ever ready to face any nasty stick figure booger zombies who might choose to enter the house and bring doom on Mumzie or Da. Or any other shadow, bump or thump in the darkness for that matter.

As he brings another awful heartless stick figure zombie booger beast to justice, ZeroBear tips his hat, meets Mumzie's eyes straight on and says the words that bring peace and comfort to the civilian's heart, "Just do'in my job, Ma'm."


"So, Hoo's gonna shoot hoo's eyes out, Mumzie? Maybe the stick figure zombie booger's eyes. That's hoo's eyes will get shot out!" 

ZeroBear PolyBear - Home Protector - Shooter of ShootsGun!

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