Monday, February 15, 2010

The Bestest Day of a PolyBear's Life:
By ZeroBear

(Thanks to Da for the photographic record.)

This nifty black shippping crate (photo below) came to me by delivery truck. I can't imagine what it is, except that it came from "Tallman" BroBert and his sweetie (don'cha just love her), MizDarlinD and I have never gotten anything that wasn't souper-swell from them guys. So many wrappie ropes? Must be really nice?

Whew! (see photo below) Ropes is gone (thanks to Da's sharp-knife). Shipper labels is tooken (taken?) off. Taken? Tooken? Still sounds right. Anyhoo, ropes is tooken off. Now I just needs to get the nails out of the lid.

"Oh Mumzie? DOes you has a crowbar a little PolyBear could use?"  

"Oh my!"
(next photo)

A genuine B&D, Match Grade, Model 12, matte black electroplated, multi forged, high temp oven hardened, oil quenched, custom cold bored, Pittsburg steel, unsighted, double barreled, vent ribbed, select grade, tight grained, old growth, walnuts stocked, with low gloss hand rubbed finish, fully not-engraved, 3 genuine steel nuts and bolts master mechanic bench top assembled, shoulder padded, single action, unsafetyed, Ninja black, low pull weight hair triggered, "gunslinger option" with removed finger guard, unchoked, high velocity, magnum chambered, Tapered high hardness firing pin equipped, Center and/or rim fire capable, right paw configured, center balanced, Custom red fuzzy stuff padded lining cased, "Pig Blaster Commerative", with the (rare) sitting pink POrky Pig logo, Limited Editon, NRA approved, signed and numbered, special order, PolyBear sized, Scattershot SHoots GUn!

The interwebs said these were no longer available (actually says they were never available) . WHere did you guys find this BeauTiFuL piece of destructive art? I have been on e-bay every night for the past four years looking for one of these babies and now there is one at my feet.

I is speechless!

Stay back Chipmunks, this is some serious firepower we gots here.

BroBert and MizDarlinD! How did you know the way to a PolyBear's heart?

!!!! Inturders beware !!!!

Uh, did anyone see a box of cartridges? There's gotta be some shells here somewheres....

"Oh Mumzie, could a little PolyBear use the interwebs to shop the cartridges section of e-bay for a minute? I would just browse and not buy anything. I promise, so help me Hanna MOntana."

(Silly-girl Mumzie says I'll shoot my eye out.)

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