Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Chipmunks:
by ZeroBear

Me and the Chipmunks been tight for years now. The big one is Peaches and her little friend is Herb. Mumzie and Da caught them in Africa and snuck them back in for me. They are always good about bringing me back stuff cause I don't travel well.

For some reason, having a little PolyBear running up and down the isle of the 767 screaming "We're All GONNA DIE!" seems to upset the stewardesses. I don't know why yelling folks the Truth upsets peoples, but I have found after years of studying Hooman Nature that it definately does.

Why would I want to trust someone else to fly me around Africe anyway? First movie I ever saw was the Tarzan epic flic where Tarz's Mumzie and Da were killed in a plane crash when a bunch of birds flew up in front of the plane. That scene taught me to never turst the pilot (Because those two guys surely saw the script) and to never trust a darn bird, especially when you have soemone named Tarz with you.

Anyhow back to chipmunks. Peaches and Herb are a hoot. They are fully house trained and know when to keep their mouths closed, which for Peaches is never. I have a cage for them somewhere but find that it causes very few problems when I just allow them to run wild. They live up to this trust very well and almost never leave the top of the chest, except to go potty. I think they may go to the bathroom for that. Hope they flush because I get blaimed for enouh things around here without having Mumzie blaim me for not flushing. 

If you ever have a chance to buy wetback African Chipmunks. I recommend picking up a couple of the litttle gray silent ones. At our house they double as groundhogs, too. Predicted the white death this last week with 100% accuracy. Smart dudes.

I have no earthly idea what they eat. I think Mumzie feeds them. Maybe Cheerios or Purena Chipmunk Chow. I do know one thing. Peoples say that lots of Chipmunts are wimps and that is not true. Those two little guys are built like rocks.

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