Monday, February 22, 2010

Kitty Accidents
By ZeroBear

I had no idea there was so many kitty lovers out there in the Blogosphere. This became painfully obvious to me when higher numbers of kitty lawyers than I care to think about of started calling FluffyKitty this morning offering to file suit against ZeroBear, LLC for kitty cruelty in the charcoal lighter fluid accident mentioned on this interwebs site yesterday. That's all Mumzie and Da need - another lawsuit relating to something ZeroBear did with lighter fluid and a carelessly struck match.

If it makes anyone feel better, I served 27 hours of community service cleaning Kat Kages at the local ASPCK shelter and wrote a 1500 word essay on safety considerations in the outdoor use of Charcoal Lighter Fluid.

The Judge (Old Hang'em High Easterling - bless his heart) made me rewrite my essay twice to correct misspellings and edit out what he thought were off color "Kitty walks into a bar and encounters a poodle with a mouse on a leash" jokes.

Anyhoo, I promise Fluffy Kitty is just fine, and back to barfing up hairballs on the sofa whenever he thinks Mumzie and Da aren't looking.

He does seem a little shy around canned liquids these days. Shoot, I have a new appreciation of the flammability of charcoal lighter fluid myself.

Smokey Bear's Best Buddy, ZeroBear

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