Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Finally Here!

Da is so excited he can bearly stand it.
Me too. - especially the bear part.

And so - Here they are.
The New Guys in Town
The Big Guys in Town
The Hoooo Dats?
West Georga's WarEagleTigerPlainsmens
Another school with an identity crisis
The BBQ on the hoof guys
Da's Favorite (mine too)
The Bully Dogs
Woof! Woof! Woof!
YEeeeaaaAaaaaaAaaaaaaa !!! Bulldogs!!!!
There is an SEC Eastern Division?
Oh Them
cool your jets just a minute
Also Rans...
Wanna Bees

What's as pretty as a beautiful sunset?

A beautiful


And what comes right after sunrise?


Its gonna be a good good day.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ask ZeroBear

Oh Mr. ZeroBear,

Can you help me with a question
I have pondered for a long time
with no clear answer?

What is the singular premise of
our existence in the universe?


William - A fellow seeker.


Dear Willie,

You don't mind if I call you Willie, do you?

You know, I gott'a say,
I think you look more like him than he did.

But I bet you already knew that.



Sure, I can do that,
as long as we keep it simple
because it's all simple.

I think that to him, we are a lot like


And yet he remains interested in each of us.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Does anyone know

what's going on over in Alabama?

Do they have giants over there?

Why would I be asking that?


Just look at what I saw
headed in that direction Saturday morning.

Have you ever seen a

roll of toilet paper this big before?

I figure giants be living over there.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A moment of admiration

For Mumzies everywhere.

You go girls!

I bet she took that lad home and made him

some waffles for dinner.


Gotta love'em.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Housing Option #14

Oh those Realtors.

There is one in New Jersey
who knows how I feel about

the coming Zombie Apocalypse.


Yep, and
I hope you are prepared

I know


I am ready,

As are lots of

my blog fans.

Anyhow this realtor in South Carolina found the perfect
property for Zombie protection.

I know they can't swim and I assume
They don't own boats. 

Do they?

My hope is if they do they will get eaten by a big old

shark wile trying to boat out to get me.
I know you're asking
How will I get out to my island fortress and back
to Mumzie each morning for

Well, I
haven't quite figured that out yet.

But I'm working on it.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ask ZeroBear

Dear Mr. ZeroBear,

Is it really true that
Dogs don't like cats?

Wondering in Washington


Dear Double W,

I think this explains it very well:

"Cat? What cat?"

This is just my opinion, but
It's pretty obvious that Rover
likes that cat a lot.

ZeroBear PolyBear

Housing Option #13

It's hard to believe there are so many swell housing
options out there. I guess its a buyers market because
I keep getting listing after listing sent to me in the e-mail.
Every night there seems to be another Realtor
trying to send me the perfect house.
The latest thing I received was titled
"Take advantage of this once in
this lifetime Housing Opportunity."

Here it is.

I think they said it was in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Not a bad looking town. Must be north of Toomsooba
because it gets hilly up there and those are some pretty
nice hills in the background.

Apparantly the place comes with a large

servant staff.

That's OK because I like to be waited on.

I'd need to get rid of a few of them, like that guy back
there in row 16 talking on his cell phone. No goofing off
allowed if you work for ZeroBear PolyBear, LLC.

I e-mailed the realtor asking if they were on break,
or what, and she said they were probably chanting.

I can dig that. I chant every Thursday night
until I get the response I want from Da.

Tater Tots, Tater Tots, Tater Tots, Tater Tots,
Tater Tots, Tater Tots, Tater Tots, Tater Tots,Tater Tots,
Tater Tots, Tater Tots, Tater Tots, Tater Tots,
Tater Tots, Tater Tots, Tater Tots...

Unsually after an hour or so, he gets the idea
and invites Mumzie and Me out to dinner.

I wonder if Kathmandu, Nepal has a Sonic
Drive-in because Sonic has the best

Tater Tots.

Anybody know?

Their website
doesn't show a franchise in Kathmandu.
Maybe I spelled it wrong.
FluffyKitty suggested I go back and try
- Jeepers -
you wouldn't believe what came up
when I did a search on that.
Do people really...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I have been told

that imitation has been called
the sincerest form of flattery.

Trying to use my look, eh?

Not too bad - However

in my opinion

He could have chosen a better hat.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I really miss the old days

We had a blast back then ...

when I was young and adventerous.
The truth is, I would do just about
anything on a dare.

Housing Options #12

Yesterday I got another e-mail
about a very interesting house.

I think it is in Europe.

You guys can look and let
me know what you think.

The property is nice - scenic - don't you think?

Most of the listing was artful shots of the property
and the surrounding area.

In fact, they seemed to key on it. 

It certainly caught my attention.

The house?


The house was described as a

lovely fixer-upper with strong bones
and a breathtaking view from the
master suite and great room.


I have a definite interest in this one.
I always considered myself
a mountain kind of PolyBear
and there is no way of knowing if that
is true until I try it out for a while.

There is one thing I may need some help with.

Does anyone know a reputable 
landscape service in Alpine Europe?

I may need a dependable yard and garden
guy to help me for a week or two until
I can get the lawn in order.

It would be helpful if he listed a little
roofing experience on his resume, too.

Oh, and he probably needs a chain saw.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Will you be Visitor # 36,000?

You know, you could be our 36,000th visitor.

It has to be somebody. Why not you?

If you are that lucky person, boy have we got
a surprise for you!

You could win:

an all expenses charged to your credit card
3 day, 6 night trip to


or maybe

A matched pair of black fire opals.

or maybe your very own

solid gold race car!

or perhaps a carefully selected for you

direct descendant of Fluffykitty for your very own.

"Mommy, KitCat wet in the box."

sorry - anyhow, back to the giveaway.

All you need do is send an e-mail to
stating that you were the one and only lucky winner.

Then mail $43,378,291.14 for shipping and handling
to the post office box address provided to you
by ZeroBear and as soon as your check
clears the bank we will rush your cat,
or a cat of similar construction
to you by overnight UPS.

I wish I were as lucky as you.

Housing Options #11

I'm sort'a at a loss.

Should I get a

mountain house



on the water.

Thanks to avid blog follower, Bubba Johnson,
from Yazoo City, who offered to sell me his custom
watercraft, I did figure out how I could get back and forth

to the water house.

Strange stuff happening

I know.

It's happening here too.

Everywhere I look

things are getting

stranger and


Some of these creatures that are roaming
around are downright


Lots of them, I just don't understand

where they came from.

I gott'a tell you, some of them

scare the beegeebees out of me.

She doesn't really look like that?

OK. Could have fooled me.