Saturday, February 27, 2010

He's Off!
by ZeroBear and the Chipmunks

If this gets posted I am on my way to the International Spacey Station and am virtually guaranteed success in my plot efforts to get the US Government to Pay the Cost Help me travel to our greatest experiment in space living since Buck Rogers went to the planet Zendorff.

Here's what I did.
Yesterday I called the post office and had them deliver me a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. You may not know this, but I learned from the interwebs that for a flat rate (I figure 5 bucks) they guarantee that they will deliver the box ANYWHERE!

I raided Da's Goodies hiding place and provisioned out my Flat Rate Box, borrowed Mumzie's flip phone so's I can post via Cellular South's $48.00/month all you can text plan (2 year contract required) and got the chipmunk's to seal me up.

Hopefully they pasted the photo (just above here guys) and called the postoffice for a pickup.

Ok guys, take photo of box pickup and paste here.

If we are this far, I am on my way!

More on my adventure later. By-By Mumzie and Da! I'll call you guys from Outerspace. If you get a collect call from the International Spacey Station, it'll be from your little AstroBear PolyNaught, ZeroBear!

Oh Mumzie, if a Miz. Shiela e-mails me, e-mail her back and tell her I'm more famouser than ever now but I still think she is a nice dresser and has pretty pink hair. Tell her that depending on how things go up (out?) in space I might be gone for a while, but if they do a TV link up while I'm there, I'll give her a special shout out.

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