Sunday, February 28, 2010

This AstroBear PolyNaught stuff is EasyPeasey!
by ZeroBear

It has been a good first day here at the Spacey Station and The crew already knows that they need me to carry them forward into the new age of Space.
Here I am, showing the guys (my new spacebuds) how easy it is to float from one module to the next with only an occassional head smash. Unfortunately, some of them seem to be a little jealous already, but that's what happens when brilliance comes up against commonness. Here I am floating down to visit with Astronaught Martin, who is in Timeout. I think he may have forgot to flush, or put the lid down when he finished his bidness. They have so many rules here. I have been in timeout twice already and I haven't been here even one day yet! I did learn not to yell at ISS Commander Jim when he tells me he has no fishsticks planned for lunch, so maybe I'll do better tomorrow.

One thing I have noticed already. If you look at that photo above, you'll see the place is a mess. They have junk scattered all over the place. Wherever you look it's just knobs, cables, boxes and wires. I don't think they know what half this stuff actually does. After everyone goes to bed tonight I think I'll open the door and push some of this junk out into the back yard to help them clean up a little. Mumzie would blame this kind of mess on me if she saw this junkyness, so I need to do my part to straighten things up.
Already, they are relying on me to read the 'structions to them and explain the meaning of the hard words, like "Screwingdriver" and "rench". Here we are, using a rench to install a thingamajig onto a whoozit. I really don't need the structions, but Hooston has this thing about doing it "By The Book", whatever that means. Anyhow I already have figured out how to keep them on their toes by reading a line and then while they are doing the step I suddenly shout, "No wait! The structions actually said whatever you do, don't do it that way, or catostrophic failure of hull integrity will occur!" What a hoot! You should see them jump when I screams out that.

What they ever did without me to liven this place up, I have no idea.

Thankfully the station appears to be booger free and apparantly has really good locks on the outside doors. I left my shootsgun at home by mistake and have no really effective weapons to use against any space boogers that might show up. 

I am concerned about security here. I have no idea where they store the space rayguns and them phazers and photon cannons and such. Maybe I'll have me a little look and plunder time tonight after everyone goes to bed. The weapons room has gotta be here somewheres and this place could use a little heavily armed security PolyBear presence.

Food? Boring!

I have yet to find the chocolate ice cream stash.

Can you believe when lunch came around today, they has no fish sticks? Sheesh - $22,471,642,896,237.98 and no fish sticks on board? Someone at NASA needs their keester kicked. I have not yet located the deepfryer or their Pronto Pup dipping station or where they store the french fryes either. As near as I can tell, there is not onion ring one in the kitchen. I went through the entire supply of snickeysnacks this afternoon and did not find a single bag of fritos or chips.

Mumzie, if you reads this could you beam me up some Miz Paul's crunchy all fillet (no filler added) fish sticks? I could use the propane torch too, if Da doesn't need it.

And the toilet is spooky, Let me tell you! As I understand, a polybear could get sucked down into a storage container filled with stuff we don't need to mention here.

At least they have good puters here.

Here I am showing Spacey Station Astronaught Dan how to get to my Blog Page.

You're gonna like it a lot, bro. I is the star attraction.

I am a little concerned with all the velcro up here. They have it attached to the walls all over the place. I brushed up against a piece this morning and it took me two hours to break myself free. That stuff grips PolyBear fur like ... well velcro!

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