Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I guess you heard about

the kid that got eaten

by a shark while waiting for the bus.

Tragic - came right up through the sidewalk
from a sewer that ran to the ocean.

As I understand - one chomp.

Why you guys won't listen to me
I'll never understand.

Are you Ready?

For the

Zombie Apocalypse?

I have completed

considerable research on this subject.

This guy is ready if he has

enough cartridges.

I kind'a like this guy's

chances until he runs out of fuel.


I try to stay ready


Keep a few backup options stashed away.

Because you can't trust

A dang zombie.

Monday, July 30, 2012

All I can say is

This is about to start

hurting in,


I have a question

Is there any quick way to get a cat dried
off, like before Mumzie wakes up?

How was I supposed to know that silence meant
"I'm asleep and I don't want to play water balloon"?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Culture education time

Did you guys know that the Mona Lisa
we all have seen was only one of a series
of her that Leonardo did?

Really Mr ZeroBear?
I had no idea.

Well I had no idea either until last night, when 
I discovered the lost Mona painting.

It was being auctioned on ebay.
I got out bid, cause Mumzie's PayPal account
seems overdrawn after my

last purchase.

Anyhow, to keep my peeps up on the latest
art happenings I present.

Mona alone-a


the lesser known
but esthetically pleasing

Mona with FluffyKitty

Yeah I was too.

What would you guys do without me?

Little and Big













Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have found a new artsey hobby down at the community
center night art classes. I'm really good at it.

It's called

Origami which is Japanese for folded paper artsey stuff.
The dragon was done by an up and coming, but not as
good as me paper folder in the class I am taking.

Here is a unicorn done by another student in my class.
I told her it was OK so her feelings wouldn't be hurt.

Another student did this Yoda. Again a good attempt

with lots of work, these guys may make it yet.


Are you ready to see the work of a true master?

This one is called "flatness of paper".
Yeah I know... Hold your applause please cause
there's more coming.

Last week, in a surge of design genius

I did this one.

yes it is 100% genuine folded paper
(accept no substitutes)


Yeah I know, you can barely
contain your excitement with this
avant garde experimental piece...

at times, I shock even myself.

What's with this Thai food stuff?

So I was up really late last night

doing some research and I got the munchies cravings,

so I raided the fridge and found
some leftover

Pad Thai with extra Bird's Eye Chilis that Mumzie
and Da brought home from Thai Krai the other night.

So I

nuked it and scarfed down a great big bite, that evidently
contained six peppers.


this give you any idea of
what a mouthful of Pad Thai containing
six bird's eye chilies tastes like?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ask ZeroBear

Dearest ZeroBear,

Just like that other one looked a lot like that other her,
I have been told that I look a lot like another her.

I need to know. Is there a chance for us?

With great affection,


Dearest Me,

Yes you do look a lot like that other her.
However, before making any long term commitment,
I need to know, What is your attitude toward


Surely you understand that a PolyBear
needs to keep his priorities in order.

Also, do you by chance live close to a

Root Beer store?

Waiting patiently for your answer,

Is he lieing or not?

You decide.

"There was lots of stuff
in here about an hour ago.
I saw it - I swear!"

Help me evaluate a post

Is this unkind?

or funny?


It is?

OK, Sorry, forget that I posted it.


Just forget...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Kind'a Strange

That in order to give their animals
time off for vacation

many animal parks these days are resorting
to the use of

animatronic lookalikes.

Evidently the quality of

animatronic varies wildly

from park to park.

I'd recommend asking if their giraffes
are out on holiday

before buying your admission ticket.

Latest on Fast Breaking News Story

Apparently led by a few highly

Fanatical leaders

mobs of ducks have been disrupting traffic
as they protest their belief that ZeroBear PolyBear
International Blogging Services, LLC has not been
posting enough Duck Posts on the website
ZeroBear PolyBear (TM).

Apparently the belief is that more blog coverage has
been extended to

chickens than to


At last report a group of ducks has occupied

a strategic island in South Carolina. It is not known
how heavily armed they are, but apparently each
of the occupiers

has two wings.

No reason for the occupation has been announced.

We will cover these troubling events
and bring you additional reports as they unfold. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

No I didn't

And  I resent

you suggesting that I might have.

Yeah, you might want to drain it and sanitize
after I get out, but I promise I didn't.