Thursday, September 29, 2011

This little bear is back


I'm back.

No Sriuosly - I is back. That may look like an old photo, but it is currently current.

Lots to update you on, and not a lot of time. Da is in the garage, attempting to extinguish a little fire that suspiciously got started somehow and I don't have much time before he and the county volunteer fireguys get it snuffed out and he comes lookingfor the matches.

My legal problems that led to an extended holiday at Spa Lenninworth Federal Detention Center began when I came back from the starship ENterprize (Uhura is a babe I must say). Anyhoo, after an unfortunate encounter with a X%&%;^^#@(#* Dang Customs and Immigration agent at the Meridian Intergalactic Space Port and A1 Truck Stop (Desel $3.87 9/10 per gal), that resulted in bogus federal charges for attempted smuggling of a starfleet babe/officer by an undocumented polybear (by the way, I am not undocumented - mumzie tore off my "Do not Remove" Tag years ago and I had nuttin to do with it) a certain little polybear got sent up the river on trumpted-up federal assault charges.

Anyhoo, Da tooked out a second mortgage on the polebarn and hired the nicest lady lawyer from Snookie Burham Esq. Law Office and Pizza Emporium and

I is free again, if one can overlook an ankle bracelet!  

Oh course, Da tooked all my puter privileges away. Can't say I blame him.

You know what? I can say that.

What right do he gotz to take a poor little polybear's puter from him? Sadly, Da's I-Paddy-Thing is now missing and will remain so until I can get my puter privilages back. Me and Miz Lebonakowitvz (my lawyer) is working out the kinks on making that happen as I hunts and pecks out this latest update to my ever popular blog.

One nice thing - It (Da's I-paddy) has a pretty good camera.

Here I is, proving I is out of the Jail House:

"Nobody nose the troubles I'z seen. Nobody  knows them sorrows"

Yes, I is hiding in Da's White sock drawer. No it doesn't smell all that bad. Apparently they was all washed with fabric softener cause they smell springtime fresh!

Foil Hat? What foil hat?

Oh, this foil hat. The foil hat is to keep the government from frying out my brains. That customs guy said if a certain little poly-bear had any brains he'd be dangerous, so I'm taking no chances.

More later...

How do yo do spell check on an i-poddy? anyone know?