Friday, February 26, 2010

by ZeroBear

Mumzie got me a new hat the other day. I mean it's ok. Its black, which matches my eyeballs and all... I haven't worn it outside yet to see if its warm cause it's raining and I hate getting wet cause Mumzie wants to throw me into the dryer when I gets wet. She claims I'll mold if she doesn't dry me right away but I think she just like to watch me tumble over and over screaming "We're all gonna Die!"
She said it has Norweegen Style and suitability for a PolyBear but I just don't know. It does make me look taller and I'm certain Shiela would like it if I was taller. You remember Lovely Shiela, my interwebs chat room lady friend, don't you?
Hot'cha. I always likes me some shiney women. It's just that Shiela is real classey and I just don't know if she would like a Norweegen hat.

Hea Check this out!
If I had me some eyeholes I could wrassle on Monday Night WWF Raw. I'd be:

"MeanMadMungo, the Masked MysteryBear from Parts Unknown"

Peaches wants to be my manager. She said Herb could be my tag team partner if we could get him a mask. Sadly I don't see Herb as much of a wrassler. Who ever heard of a wrasslin chipmunk? Maybe we could get him a pig on a leash so he'd have some style, but I can't see him jumpig from the top rope and knocking anyone over, unless he hit them in the side of the head, cause he is hard as a rock.
After lots of thinking, I decided to keep Da's hat. It's a lot softer and has more room for my ears. Da can wear that black job. Turns out it was really blue and didn't match my beadyblack eyeballs at all. I'll discuss it with Shiela tonight in the pink peoples chatroom. I think she gets off at the casino lounge at 12:30am. She is a mixologist, whatever that is.


  1. The black hat makes you look like Paddington Bear. Any relation?

  2. Was he a wrassler? I was a fan of "Igor the Ruushan Bear" He wrassled the GUlf Coast circuit with the IWA International Wrasslin Association on Channel 6 a few years back. He was a big hairey guy who drove a big balck motorcycle that had a side car his manager rode in. IT made lots of smoke, which I liked.

    He had a bear on a chain that he brought with him sometimes. When he would put his opponent in a sleeper hold, he would bring the bear nto the ring and let him lick them to rouse them back to life. That bear had the biggest sloppiest wet tongue.

    But I don't think His name was Paddington. As I recall it was Boris or something like that, maybe Nikita.

    Was this Paddy Bear from Georgia. I think my real Mom and Dad were from Georga because sometimes I get in a Georgia state of mind.

  3. Paddington Bear is from England. He was an orphan found at the train station. He didn't wrassle but he did have a very cool chair.

  4. Orphan Bear?

    Hea I wuz an orphan bear, too, so's I gots lots in common with him, except Ize from the good old USofA.

    I have my pick of any chair in the house, including Da's Bark-O-Lounger as long as he is out of the room. Onlyest thing wrong with sitting inhis chair is he wants to share when he comes back and I got a "Needs Improvement" in sharing in Kindergarden.

    I like to share with Mumzie because she holds me and she smells good, like flowers.

    I'll have to look up thsi PaddingtonBear guy on the interwebs and see if he is a PolyBear like me. We might be Bros.

    Is he incredibly handsome. like me?