Sunday, February 21, 2010

Experimentations in PolyBeared Spaceflight 
by ZeroBear

I have been keeping track of the Spacey Station stuff on the interwebs lately through to this nifty website.

However, I have uncovered a disturbing fact that I feels obligated to share with my many fans in the intergalactic BlogDome.There is no PolyBears on the spaceystation! How can you have an International Spacey Station if PolyBears aren't represented?

Anyhoo, After thuroghly reserching the interwebs, I have designed and constructed Rocketship #1 of the PolyBear space program. Did you know that you can make your own rocket ship using commonly pilfered rockets parts from Da's workshop?

Shown above - AstroBear PolyNaught ZeroBear on Prototype #1 of Spacey Shuttle Rocket Launch Vehicle.

Regarding Launch Schedule

I asked (nicely) and Da refuses to take me to Kape Kanavereal, so I plan on firing this baby into orbit through the bedroom window next Tuesday night after the moon comes up, so's I can see how to steer - maybe around two in the morning, in order to give Da time to get good and asleep. This is because I likes me some nighttime launches.

The chipmunks have volunteered to light her off for me. All we needs are some matches. This may be a problem because Mumzie keeps them really well hidden since that unfortunate charcoal lighter accident the cat had. All I have to say about it is that it was an accident. Yes, there should have been warning signs posted, but the cat should have stayed back a reasonable distance from the experiment, what with unavoidable spray and all.

And then there was that night about two months back, when I showed up in the checkout line at the North Hills Branch of the Piggley Wiggley with a shopping cart full of Miz Paul's Fish Sticks and no money's to pay for them. IMO they were unreasonable in their attitide toward my shopping habits. They absolutely knew that Mumzie drops by for diet Dr. Peppers and chocolate ice cream every week or so and that she 'd be happy to pay the tab for anything I might charge.

Anyhoo, after I strongly challenged their wisdom of refusing well intentioned grocery charges, they decided to call the Sherrif. Now for reasons that make no sense to me, they won't let me back into "The Pig" and I'm confused about how to get my paws on some matches. Anyone with ideas can e-mail me.

Safety First

One final thought. When getting ready to launch the first AstroPolyBear to the International Spacey Station, be sure the chipmunks aren't standing in front of the rockets machine just before blast-off.

"Now Hear This! All ground crew members should clear the heck away from the front of the rocket. NOW!"

"That is all."

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