Friday, February 19, 2010

Caution Pretty Scarey Stuff Here
by ZeroBear

So as not to scare the beegeezes out of my many fans I decided not to tell you guys the really bad fix I managed to get myself into earlier this week. Yep, you guessed it. I shot my eye out.

Mumzie and Da to the rescue though. Mumzie got on the Interwebs and quickly located the very bestest place to get eyeball help for a little PolyBear.

Before long, she had located the National PolyBear Eye Institute in SanDiego, California. A phone call or two later and we were headed west! I got a set of wings from Delta! Now I need to find a used 747. Do they e-bay those?

Mumzie called the doctors there and when we got to Surf City, she met with a really nice Plastic Surgeon Dr. Chas Zimboni and together they selected a beautiful eyeball replacement for me (second from left). It is genuine plastic. Remarkably just like my old shot out eyeball. Plastic eyeball? I guess that's why they had to find a Plastic Surgeon to put it in me. Hoo'da thunk that?

The hospital carries a great donor bank of PolyBear fur to fix up my face. I asked if they could do my yellow leg while they were at it, but Chas, or DocZ as I call him, assured me "I was so yellow leggish" it would be a shame to alter that part of the old BearBod. Anyhow, we eventually decided not to mess wth yellow leg perfection.

Photo from later on that same day, taken in PolyBear surgery room #1. I think that big machine is the hot melt gun that glued everything back in place. I don't remember any of it cause they zonked me out with zonk out stuff.

My team in PBICU. From the left, That's Jenny love on the end, Miss Nancy in back, Sweet Georga in Blue, WooWoo Wanda in white, Dr. Chas in back (he's such a hoot), Sleepy Doug, my gas passer, Albert from the eye bank, Andy Allenwrench from Maintenance who had to provide an emergency socket set during surgery, Sonje Hapalanzerad, the second shift nursing Supervisor and Curried Rice chef, and last but not least appreciated Happy Jan, the chief PolyBear tickler.

Thanks guys. Couldn't have done it without you!

Oh, that's me on the PBICU bed in the nifty black eye patch.

Da and Mumzie couldn't be in the group shot. They were down in accounting taking out a second mortgage on the farm to pay for use of that hot melt machine. 

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