Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Games PolyBears Play - Version three
by ZeroBear

Things are kind'a slow around here tonight so let's play a game. How about playing "stand on your head"? I'll go on and start and give you a few seconds to get ready cause I'm a good sport. Big time atheletes like me are always generous with head start offers.

I figure this is good training for my upcoming trip to the Spacey Station, since they seem to be upside down about as often as they are right side up.

Here's the simple rules. The winner is the one who can stand on their head the longest. Go find a comfortable place and assume the position. Come back when you can do it no longer and verify that I am the winner. Peaches is laughing cause I always win.

Wanna play for a dollar?


Squawk - Squawk? 

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