Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time Out:
by ZeroBear

Hoo'da thunk a little PolyBear could get into so much trouble for running around the house at 4:00 am singing "Hoo'dat think they gunna beat dem Saints"?

As I look back, and it seems I may have a lot of time to review the events leading up to this humiliating experience this morning, it was most likely a bad move to shine the flashlight in Da's eyes as I asked him my musical question.

I'm not all that sure what the Chipmunks did to get time out. All they did was razz me on as I danced back and forth (flash light in paw) across the bed rooting my BUddyRo Saints on to victory in teh upcoming SouperBowl.

Anyone know what kind'a words might get me out'a this corner before game time tomorrow? - cause I gots bets to place with "Jimmyhats" over at

I'm sort'a worried cause Da seems pretty upset. I tried to tell him his attitude was bad for his old-guy BP, but if anything, that comment only made matters worse. If the past is any indication, this could last a while. Every time I hear him walking by I shouts out a hearty "Yo-Da!" but he just keeps moving on.

"9,972,938 Mississippi, 9,972,939 Mississippi, 9,972,940 Mississippi, HooDat, HOoDat?"

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