Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Klondike Bars:
by ZeroBear

It has come to my attention that there is a guy in Tuscaloosa who does not like Klondike Bars. First of all, such an attitude is in blatient opposition to Bears trying to earn a living, as a big white bear is prominantly displayed on teh wrapper. No Klondike consumption means a hard working bear is out of work and we deserve better than that. 

I have a question that is worthy of everone's consideration.

What's got into you Judus?

Klondike Bars are lucious creamy smooth vanilla IceCeam, formed into a thick chilly cold bar of delight. Then they are dipped in smooth sweet chocolate, teh desire of gods. Chololately brown heaven that envelops the bestest center a frozen treat could ever hope to posess. One bite and any PolyBear or T-Town Alabamaian should be in full bliss.

Sheesh! Some Peoples....

Truth in Marketing Notice:

ZeroBear Marketing Services, LLC did not receive any monetary compensation for this skilfully worded product placement. However should the Good Humor Bryers division of Unilever Corporation (fine folks one and all) want to send 20 or 30 cases of Klondike bars in grateful consideration of their product being prominantly featured on a popular polystuffed animal blog, they may do so by shipping them to ZeroBear Marketing Services, LLC, DBA ZeroBear Blog at Mumzie and Da's House. Why not have your peoples call my peoples and we'll work out teh details.

ZeroBear PolyBear, esq.
President, CEO, CFO, Zerobear Marketing Services, LLC

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