Saturday, December 31, 2011












Hu Rah!

From all of us
to all of you

Da says I gotta go to sleep now.


New Year's Resolutions

Some socilogists say they are healthy and others
who study the quirks and foibles of humanty
are inclined to state that we sould not fool with them.

So, what do you think?

As for this little PolyBear, I plan on making some.

So, for better or worse,
Let's go!

Resolution #1

I will be nicer to FluffyKitty
who seems to have some issues with trust lately
since that little incident with the electrical outlet.

Resolution #2

I will work in whatever way I can to achieve world peace

I'm thinking of inviting both sides over for Mumzie's pancakes

Cause it's hard to be angry with a big mouthfull of pancakes.

Maybe they will recognize my work by awarding me
the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize (sponsored this coming year by IHoP)

Resolution #3

Reach out to foreigners.
This is our recently moved into the neighborhood neighbor
Dr. Xing, who just showed up one night and lives down the street
I'll start with him, and if it works I'll move on to

His wife Edna,
who honestly scares the BeeGeebees out of me.

Resolution #4
Loose some weight.

Cause I has noticed a little bulge here and there

And since after the last time Mumzie washed my sweater
it seems a little snug.
Peaches and Herb say they will help me,
by backing up the zero adjustment on the scales
each morning before Da does my weigh-in. 

And lastly
cause it's possible to make too many
resolutions and by spreading yourself too thin
set yourself up for failure.

Resolution #5

Eat More FunnelCake!

Come on 2012.
I is ready!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Know what Da Said?

A win is a win!

I agree - Yea Dawgs!

He also said

It's too late for Onion Rings

Not so much in agreement with that.
bet I can say that room service brought them by mistake.

Honest Da, It was
a Room Service Assident.

Want one?
They're late night tasty!

Do you have a Bucket List?

As of this morning I do

For me, Item #1 on my bucket list is to find a way

To get out of this bucket

Oh, I have another item for my list.
I want to watch the Bull Dawgs win the 


Assuming I find a way to get out of the bucket that

I find myself stuck in at the moment.




Thursday, December 29, 2011

So Guys, Where are you staying in Nashville?

While visiting town for the
Music City Bowl?

I understand Some folks are staying
at Opryland Hotel.

It's a nice place

That's where they tell me
the teams are bunking down.

If you want to spend the night close to Vanderbilt

Lowe's is a good option

There are classy options
if money is plentiful at your house and you like
high ceilinged atriums
(who doesn't?)

I know everyone is anxious to know
Where will ZeroBear Poly Bear's
posse will be staying?

An old family friend, a wealthy recluse
has offered space in his digs for all of us.

I wish I could name names,
but we all know I am not a name dropper.

Let's just say we been best buds for a long time,
ever since I turned him on to
Fried Peanut Butter & Banana Sammiches

You didn't know he lived in Nashville?

He keeps a low profile these days.

I bought tickets for him and the TCOB crew,
but he said he'd rather stay home and watch it in
High-Def on his Hunk'a Hunk'a big screen

Uh Thank'ya Very Much

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Bowl Game Stuff - MSU Coach Dan Mullen


This report has been edited (in red) to avoid a few simple inadvertant minor meaningless errors that might lead to massive multimillion dollar slander and liabel (SP?) lawsuits that Da honestly could use the money better as his downpayment on my birthday present Gulfstream Jet that I wanted for my birthday which  I actually got a nifty deluxe model nine LED light shiney silver push button activated metal cased screw gasket sealed darkness blaster IV flashlight and book light for and which I use very night after Da turns the lights off so that he can go to sleep while I take over one hundred and fifty percent of house security and booger blasting patrol responsibilities because a certain little PolyBear can get scared of the dark when he doesn't have his flashlight and Da needs his sleep instead of having to hire 57 lawyers from Multi-national Law firm Burns, Chaffs, Scrapes, and BooBoos LLC to fight the threatened lawsuit off so it seemed best to just correct the errors or print some other mumbojumbo so that the lawyers from Burns, Chaffs,  Scrapes and BooBoos, LLC - hereafter referred to as "The Firm" would then go on to some more pofitable verture like sueing somebody's grandmother who only sligtly messed up the giblet gravy and possibly three glasses of iced tea by not adding enough splenda at Christams dinner only and find that her second great grandson who she cut out of the will after he moved to a shinto buddist monistary in the snowy mountains of Asterbijian and now herds sheeps and goats for a living instead of a cushy job he held for seventeen years three days and six hours twenty seven minutes and twelve seconds give or take working the morning mail order desk for his grandfather Carl and Great Grand Uncle Jack in the family car parts wholesale house business on Highway 49 extension just a few miles south of Flora, MS on the Flora 49 highway bypass has sued her for $97,478,327.46 becuase he is having trouble sleeping at night without his potential "after she dies" nest egg inheritance so much so tht he falls asleep while he should be watching the sheeps and goats who then run off and get hung up in a bunch of wild briar bush briars in some gully while the second great grandson sheep and goat herder shinto buddist is snoozing while he shoudl be watching the sheep thereby failing to attain the second level of Shizna and certainly never even remotely approaching the state of Nirvana where he would be at one with the universe while happily at peace with all of the ancients and the thirty seven shinto masters who have come before him at he monistary working silently and failtfully for generation upon generation to teach while following those who came before them as they follow the path of shining illumination up the mountain of challenge on the pathway of question across the plateau of forgiveness into the valley of self evaluation across the stream of doubt, the night of denial and the dawn of brilliant self actualization into the day of oneness where he would immediately becone a monistary big shot and able to siphon money off the books and buy a condo in Snowmass or Aspen and a vacation getaway in Orlando where he would stand on the sidewalk leading up to the ticket booth at DisneyWorld and chime finger cymbals while telling the lost masses how thy too can find the pathway to happiness outside of tater tots and pronto pups which is actually a bowl of hooey because tater tots and pronto pups are great as anybody who has read my blog already knows especially with some rootbeer or chocolate milk.

Glad we got that out of the way. The origial post with corrections in red follows.

Yesterday this blog reported that MSU Coach Dan Mullen (Yea!)

Coaches the BullDog Football games with a whistle.

Yesterday, Coach Mullen was questioned by a
large number of reporters
number of LARGE Reporters about this
unusual game day coaching style.

and denied whistle use during Games.
(in spite of photo proof that may have come
from a non game day practice session and
not actually an actual game day photo)
When questioned further, he insisted that he never uses anything
more than a rather large set of earphones for his IPod
(or possibly an MP3 player).

and when it gets cold, he evidently uses an antique

Sonic Menu.

(possibly something else, as antique Sonic Menus
are highly sought after collectable items,
which are closely guarded by the Sonic Corporation
and not in open distribution as this act would
be in violation of franchise agreements,
etc, etc, bla, bla, bla, ad infinatum)

As soon as I determine his views on Tater Tots

And the never ending controversy on whether to order

Chili Dogs or Corney Dogs, I'll update this report

Dan The Man

Ya Gott'a Love Him!

(MSU Coach Dan is the BullDog on the right.
BullyBullDog, esq. is the BullDog on the left
- we love him, too!)


The MSU "M"

is a Trademarked Logo Of

Mississippi State University

and ZeroBear PolyBear, esq. received no financial reimbursement
or other consideration for it's use.

(although a cheese ball
or some scuppernog ice cream
would have been a kindly thought out and nice treat)

Peace, Love and P-nut-butter Crackers!
ZeroBear PolyBear, esq.
(December/the toward's the end part/2011)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Da Says We Are Getting Close

I asked if he meant

Close to all you can eat Catfish Night
at Fishy Jack's Catfish Camp out on the by-pass,
cause I could eat me some catfish.

Sadly, he said no, that we were getting close to the

He is really excited about Friday night, when the Good Old

Mississippi State Bulldogs (woof woof) take on the

Wake Forest Deacons

I asked Da what was a Deacon
and He said it was complicated.
As near as I can understand
it has something to do with waiting on tables
at the covered dish supper to make sure
all of the widows get fed before the choir
hits the serving line and takes 
all of the good fried chicken pieces.

Anyhow, our Coach,

Dan Mullen (yea!)
has his whistle ready to take on
Wake Forest's coach

Jim Grobe (Boo!)
who evidently attempts to coach without a whistle.

(Whistleless Jim?)

As I understand, the players from both teams
are having a swell time in Nashville.
Most likely they are eating every meal 
at local, all you can eat Waffle, Funnel Cake,
Tater Tot and Fish Stick Buffets 
if they are smart.

We stopped at a Waffle house in Nashville once

and it was great!

IMO, if they let me pick,
that's where the team would go every night,
because on Thursdays some of them
have an "All the waffles you can eat special".

And there's not much any better than Waffle House waffles.

Except Mumzie's because she is the best waffle maker in the world.

Did you know she always serves Chocolate Milk with her waffles?
And all the syrup you want, even if you have some 
left on your plate when all the waffles are gone?

I seem to have gotten off track. 

More later - I think it's getting close to lunch time.
I gotta go see what Mumzie is whipping up for a certain

Christmas Gifts

So, what did Santa bring you?

I did ok, maybe not so much with Santa
but I still racked up, receiving



Two new flashlights!

The silver one (between my legs) is a new multiple LED
silver coated, push button activiated, battery powered
light caster.

Nifty gift from Babs and Arch.

It is a lot like my ninja black model. Now I have one for each hand, uh paw.

The book light is new, too. Now, when I need to read
a book at night and it's really dark I have a swell light to use.

I already have plenty of dark nights to deal with.
I guess all I need now is a book.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After


It was a big Christmas Day/PolyBear's birthday

all my friends came by.

and we had lots of good stuff.

Does anyone else's tummy hurt a little?

Mine does.


There were lots of presents.

We stayed up late every night.

Da had to get up early for work today
so I got up to have chocolate milk and toaster toast with him.
Except he had coffee. How he drinks that stuff, I'll never know.
I had Frazzleberry Jelly on my toast.

He is gone now and I could use a nap.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

It Finally Made It!

Da says it is here!

Only one thing left...

and so,

From Mumzie

From Da

From FluffyKitty


From ZeroBear PolyBear, esq....

Joy to The World.

I hope your day is wonderful.

I would love to stay and chat,
but I gotz some fruit cake that needs eating.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

1 Day Left - A Baby was Born

And the baby was born in a stable

because there was no room for him in the inn.

In the silence of that Holy Night, Mary gave birth
and wrapped the child in swaddling cloths
and placed him in a manger.


And in that same country

There were shepherds watching over their flocks
and an Angel of the Lord came to them and said
"Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy.
A savior is born in Bethlehem"

And the shepherds came and found the baby in the manger
just as the Angel had said


And in Persia to the east of Bethlehem there were Magi

Astrologers who saw
a star in Juda and told each other,
"We must go and worship this king, which the star fortells"

And they traveled to Bethlehem and found the baby.

And they brought gifts with them and gave them to the baby

Gold - the gift a King would give to a King.
Frankincense - the Holy fragrance associated with God
Myrrh - a soothing balm of healing


Oh what a Wonderful and Holy Happening
We celebrate on this silent night.