Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Coming and You Know It Is!
ZeroBear PolyBear, esq., IRAoIS
(Internationally Respected Authority of Important Stuff)


Honestly I is at my wits end with youse guys.

You know and yet ...

and Yet ...

Sheesh ...

You Peoples ...

How you can just ignore it is beyond me.

This guy knows and he ain't the sharpest tack in the bolt box.

FluffyKitty knows - of course FluffyKitty doesn't care. The only thing FluffyKitty cares any dang thing about is the sound the can opener makes.


You peoples?

If you are here, you must be one of the You Peoples I am referring to.

So you know the who

Lets talk about the what

You know what I am referring to.

Let me give you a hint...

Another hint?


Why you are acting so Dumb Dumb Dumb is beyond me. Acting Dumb? Either you're acting dumb, or you actually are Dumb. It's beginning to look like the latter when we once thought it might be the former


Mumzie has just announced breakfast is ready

Ill get back to you later.


The passing of time...


It is later and I is back, but I doesn't have much time.

No its not because the Gentle Ben marathon is about to start on TBS, but I had absolutely forgot it was on today until just then. I hope we has plenty of Pillsbury Dough  Boy Movie Time Popcorn, because that's my favorite brand.

But we has more important stuff to discuss at the moment.

I doesn't have much time because they is likely becoming aware of my knowledge of their devious plot.

I can't just come right out and say it, because then they would know that i know.

t..w....t.......f..........s...................s                        .

(it's a code) The smarter among you will begin to understand.

The others are doomed.

That is all I can say right now.

Must go quickly. Episode 6, "Gentle Ben Tips the Outhouse" is about to start and Da thinks we is watching footballs games today, which we ain't.


More time has passed
The end is even nearer than it was before

I guess most of you know that the end of all that we know will come about in 20 days.

Yes that is the official date of 11/11/11


To make things even worser that they could be, as if that was possible, two days later, friday the thirteenth lands smack dab on a Sunday. How could so many bad things happen? Don't ask me I is just a PolyBear.

I can only imagine what disasters will occur when so many bad things lines up in a row.

And tomorrow I will, but not before, because if my intuition is correct, Mumzie is making strawberries and vaniller ice cream, and disaster will have to wait until Da and I has our fill. I likes to smush mine up until it gets soft.

Later - we still has 20 days and I hates it when the ice cream gets too melty.

Now its Sunday morning

Mumzie knows this little PolyBear is upset and so she made waffles for breakfast. I had lots of butter and syrup on mine.

Lets get to more disastrous stuff now.

11/11/11 will be really bad, but how does we determine the hows and wheres?

I is thinking that most of the bad stuff will originate from 1111 11th avenue on 11:11 am on 11/11/11.

Either that, or puppy number 11 will come in 11th place in race 11 at my favorite greyhound track in NJ.

Obviously, I needs to give this more thought, but Da TIVOed the seventh Gentle Ben episode last night after bedtime and I has more important stuff this morning. If memory if correct, this is the one where Ben discovers the beehive in neighbor Smitherman's plumb orchard. He was such a hoot when all them bees started stinging him on the noZe.

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