Thursday, October 27, 2011

Anybody know what these is?

They is proof that the Fair was in town.
Mumzie and Da tooked me!

We had lots of fun. I had a foot long pronto pup with extra mustard and Mumzie had to rub my tummy when we got home.

We rode all the best rides. 
This was the zipper. Da got really scared when we rode it, but I thought it was a hoot.

Da won Mumzie a big prize shooting a water pistol.
What she's going to do with a big yellow nanner guy I has no idea.
I made her put it in the attic when we got home.
We shared a funnel cake.
And they had racing pigs! Snouter was #1 and he was the fastest pig, too. Unfortunately I had my money on that #4 loser pig who came in last place. I think his name was slow poke.
And this is my new friend I met. His name is Zoltar and he is a very talented guy.

Kind'a sad. They keeps him in a box

He can tell the future. Yes - honest - cross my little toxic chemical residue pumping fixture. He told me things about my past, present and future! He said that I was unhappy (I never knew that fact until he told me)  but that I had a dollar in my pocket and if I would just give it to him, I was going to get a lot of money, soon.

I came home and ordered me and Mumzie a car so's she can drive me around when I gets all my gold Mr. Zoltar said I would come into when a rich bear relative I didn't know I has died and names me in his will. We may let Da drive, cause I ordered the big stripedy one.


I put it on Mumzie's visa card and they will deliver it next week when they gets the big screen TV I had added on installed, but I'll pay her back as soon as I hits the big time, which my new buddy Zoltar said would be in no time at all.

Must be a lot of instant wealth going around, because he told the next guy behind me the same thing. I wonder if he bought the green limo. 

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