Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Da's Midlife Crisis

Da is kind'a upset tonight
It all started with this dang midlife crisis car.

And he bought this show off tag, kinda over the top isn't it.
Don't know why he had to put a vanity tag on a yeller car,
as if people wouldn't notice it already.
Mumzie couldn't keep him out of it.
I can't imagine why he'd throw his keys right in front of me
on the chest of drawers every night.

So, what's a bear to do?
Yep - Take that puppy for a spin.
Hard to see over the dash. Good acceleration.
Let me recreate my experience



Think there's a chance he might not notice?

I sort'a thought the same way.

Anyone know a good body shop?

MAybe someone who works on School Buses?

They would probably have yeller paint.

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