Sunday, October 2, 2011


What can I say?
 All of this started as a rather slow Sunday Afternoon.
Mumzie was in her girlcave watchng Dr Zhivago.

And Da was in the bedroom pulling down some zzzzzzzzs. Me and Fluffykitty was doing a little medieval warfare research, specifically testing out my cat-a-putz.  A while back, I had completed some concept work:

Revized the name to avoid some nasty copyrite laws and drew up some plans that a carpenter buddy over in Uniontown, Alabama converted into a nifty siege-engine. Those who know me have already guessed that as long as I have access to Mumzie's Visa card and Mr. Google's site on the interwebs I can have just about any idea I might have converted from a brainfart into a fully working device in no time at all.

My trial runs on my unit utilized a fabricated placebo unit to mimic what I considered to be the intended projectile:

 and I must say the outcome was very satisfying. Before we get into the report of the maiden launch, I need to share some information about Fluffykitties that I have discovered. Firstest and most importantly, FluffyKitties are not as brave as they claim to be when they are trudging around on Mumzie and Da's linen duvet while the parential units are out at the Piggly Wiggly Market buying dewberries, crunchynuts, oatmeal and raisins to incorporate into some kind of weird Saturday morning butter biscuits. In fact, it is almost impossible to get a FluffyKitty into the launch bucket of a Cat-A-Pultz unit, especially when you has the launch rope in your hand. However there are ways to accomplish almost any plan if you work at it hard enough.

I have proven that not only can you lead a FluffyKitty to a Cat-A-Plutz, but you can also lure him into the launch bucket.

You may not know this, but it is possible to entice most fluffykitties into the working end of a cat-a-pultz if you lure them there with an open can of Chicken of the Sea Tuna and that's exactly what I did with Fluffykitty this afternoon. Here is a verbal recounting of what occurred followed by visual documentation:
  1. "Here FulffyKitty, pretty FluffyKitty."
  2. "Meow?"
  3. "Nice tuna snack FluffyKitty"
  4. Munch munch, "mew mew."
  5. "All systems ready?"
  6. Munch munch, "mew, mew..."
  7. "4..3..2..1..Launch!"
  8. "!!!! Yowl !!!!"

Fluffy Kitty is such a hoot when he gets surprized! Not to worry - He is OK (i think) but for some reason has decided to spend a while hiding under the sofa in the living room (cluck, cluck, cluck).

Sadly I has been put on bahavior modification therapy (as if that ever worked on anyone) and have lost TV privileges for a few days. One thing - there is a Grizzly-Adams-a-thon on the Fambly Network tomorrow night. Is there anyone who would DVD it for a poor under detention restriction PolyBear? If you has a fluffykitty, I'd loan you my cat-a-pultz for a week in exchange.

You must provide your own Chicken of the Sea.

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