Monday, October 10, 2011

So, what does a polybear have on his mind on this dark Monday night?

Yep Flashlights!

I guess most of you know that it gets pretty dark here when Da turns out the lights at night.

You didn't? Well it does, and he just turned them off. It is so dark I'z can bearly see the puter keyboard. Only one cure for that problem, and that's a trusty Flashlight.

So how's a bear supposed to get a decent flashlight?

Well, he could spend $75.00 of Mumzie's Visa Bucks on this Bad Boy triumph of flashlight engineering brilliance


He could invest the last $200.00 credit in Mumzie's Pay Pal account and e-bay him up one of these wonder machines (

However, there is only one real one out there,
and we needs to get serious for just a minute.

What does every little slightly scared of the dark PolyBear REALLY want for Christmas?

This is the ultimate Must Have Christmas/Birthday present.

Not impressed?

I guess you need to see this puppy in action to understand my excitement..

Lookie Lookie

Are you ready for this?
This Yard Dog puts out a 32,000,000 candle power beam of pure
make the dark turn to day firepower. It will lite up the dark at a distance of about 4 miles.

!!! I wantz it !!!

That mega blaster is the one flashlight any self respecting polybear (me) really wants to find under the tree on Christmas morning, which also happens to be his birthday.

Yes, the mega blaster is what he wants

(hint hint)


How about War Surplus?

Helps the government out and I could make it work.

And It does a pretty good job, too

Might be a little bulky,
but Da's truck would pull it around the yard
when I needs to use it, which would be most nights.

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