Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Four Food Groups
By ZeroBear NutritionExpertBear, esq.

OK food dummies - you know who you is. There is no reason for me to point you out,

but My TV buddyThing says he is happy to help out (Thanks Thing).

Anyhoo,  I has grown tired of you guys eating nutritionally unsound foods every dang meal. There-4 I has decided to take time out of my busy schedule to do some interwebs trainng tonight.

We needs to cover a few basics of nutrition, so that we can go forward to establish good nutritional habits to last through the rest of our lives, regardless of how short they may be.

Lets spend a few minutes here discussing the four basic food groups.
Simple? I think not, but here goes:

4 Food Groups #1: Foods that come in stacks

This food group is a personal favorite. It includes nutritionally sound food items like


Pancakes AKA Flapjacks


4 Food Groups #2: Foods that come in piles

Everyone eats piled up food every day and we never seem to show our appreciation of this important food group. It includes nutritionally important food items such as:

Tater Tots

French Fries


4 Food Groups #3: Foods that come wrapped up

Everyone needs to make certain a few items from this food group are a part of their daily intake. These are nutritionally important foods such as:

Honey Buns



Pop Tarts

4 Food Groups #4: Foods that come mixed together

I has only one word here:

Taters smothered in gravy

Beef Stew with gravy and carrots


4 Food Groups # 5: Foods that come from a Snack Machine




4 Food Groups #6: Things That PolyBears Like Mostest

All of the above (duh!), plus


Pronto Pups

Sketti and Meat Balls


Funnel Cakes

As always I is happy to help my bros and babes with their every educational need.

Study Hard, There will be a quiz. Duz anyones have a Tums? I has studied too hard.

ZeroBear FoodExpertBear, esq

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