Friday, October 28, 2011

Rain Rain Rain

Dreary Day PolyBear Blues


There must be a happy duck somewheres,

or a fish that is beside hisself with Joy,

  but a little PolyBear could get moldy here todays.

My friends try their best to entertain me, cause there is nuttin to do when it gets like this.

My good friend Chicken George seemed worried about me and did his best to cheer me up with a little of his Georga One Step Dancing, but I just  couldn't get into it.

For some reason, TV was awful, too.

Mumzie said I just needed some comfort food. Nice, but even a big bowl of her Hot Pot and a PolyBear belly scratching didn't help.

I is just funkeyed out.

Rain Rain go away.
Wet my yard some other day.

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