Sunday, October 30, 2011

I is Becoming a World Famous Authority on FluffyKitties

I has learned so much about Fluffy Kitties this afternoon that I must know more than anybody else anywhere around, but before we get to that let me tell you some swell stuff about Da's tool collection first.

Da has lots of tools.

He gotz prybars 

No closed door is safe when you got these babies at your disposal.

He gots weapons of destruction

I has to work at it to get this puppy moving, but when I does, watch out!

Da says I'm wrong, but I think you uses this to shave Giants!

Maybe they uses it to shorten really long nozes. I is still unsure.

Best of all I likes DA'S power tools, which I uses all the time, and that involves what I learned about FluffyKitty this afternoon.

This is called a grinder. It is used for grinding.

This is a Drill

Them attachments is drills. They are just as useful as the drill when you is drilling.

I likes Da's yellow tools. You probably knows that I has a yellow leg.

All if this brings me to FulffyKitty and what I learned today. You may not know this, but FluffyKitties does not like things that whir really fast, especially around their headbones.

Neither does they like the practice of home dentistry. Maybe it is the word practice that bothers them.

As much as I learned this afternoon I does have a question if someone would e-mail me an answer. How does you get a FluffyKitty down out of the big tree in the front yard? 

I promised I would practice on Mumzie or Da before cleaning his toofers, but it is getting dark and he shows not nary a hint of coming down.

I called the Fire Department and they said they is tired of coming out to take care of some problem I has gotten into. Thye also suggested I stops using 911 to call them. They took it as an insult when I sugested they is just Sunday Afternoon lazy goofoffs and that a little ladder work would be good for them, since they is likely just wasting my tax dollars watching TV at the Fire Station when they out to be out rescuing FuffyKitty who seems to be climbing even higher whenevrr I goes outside to try to talk some reson into him. Even telling the fireguys they could probably run the siren on their way out didn't help.

Wonder does Mumzie have a can of tuna in the pantry.

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