Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh Noze

 I has been in Ninja training

Did you know you can become a ninja online?

I didn't either, but I has enrolled in the DungFlong School
of Ninja Marshall Arts Training and Septic Tank Service.

Right away, I learned that you needs to be really careful when training to be a ninja. They has these bamboozler canes they use for fighting.

The guy on the left here is my Sensi Bruce Leeroy SonyCameraHama. While that's not exactly a cane he is using in this view, I still figure that dude he is ninja leaping toward is in big trouble, cause he is about to get stuck right through the headbone with that headbone sticker spear.

So, Last night I was practicing with my Bolt cutter, which I is a lot like a headbone sticker that I did order, but it hasn't come in yet and It sort'a got away from me.

Zing went the boltcutter, smash went the den window.

First of all I blame UPS for failure to deliver. Had they overnighted my bamboozler cane as promised, I would not have been forced to practice cane throwing with Da's boltcutter.

I has a few technical questions:
1 - Is there anyway Mumzie and Da might overlook this?
2 - Is there any story they might accept that doesn't involve a flying boltcutter?
3 - Is there any way to blame Fluffy Kitty?
4 - Does anybody have any Flying Ninja Death Stars they wants to get rid of?

I likes the red and black one, but it doesn't look very sharp.

Does anyone know how to sharpen a death star? Do you use a grinder, cause Da has a good grinder in his shop, or does you need an oficial death star grinding unit (available for $287.94, Tax and shipping extra) from http://www.ninjadeathstargrindingsupplies.com/? It sounds judgmental, but the ninja death star grinder looks a lot like the ninja spear of death sharpener and the ninja saber of doom grinder and suspiciously like the ninja dagger of death sharpener unit. Sadly there is not enough room for all those grinders on top of my chest of drawers in Mumzie and Da's bedroom

Now to my OH Noze!
Did you know there is Ninja FluffyKitties? Thsi one is still in training cause he has not yet earned his black ninja jammies, but just look at the form he displays in the ninja leap of death. Oh that poor floor kitty. He is not long for the world of the living, because it is almost impossible to defend the crain move or a well delivered leap of death.

Be afraid - very very afraid, or as Mr Elmer would say:

"Be afwade, berry berry afwade."

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