Monday, October 17, 2011

You wouldn't believe what we has

Last night I couldn't sleep and old what's his name had turned off the TV and then the lights (just like always) - why he needs the TV off and the lights out to go to sleep I'll never know - I has plainly seen him sleeping to a golf match on Snday Afternoon in his Barkalounger - many times and anyhow I was wandering around and I took a righty down a dark hallway off the kitchen chasing a malted milk ball that was trying to get away when I probably should'a took a lefty and I made an incredible discovery.

We has a garage!

And our garage has a shop that is full of tools!

There is weapons of destruction out there that you wouldn't believe. I has a hard time believing we has all that stuff and evidently there isn't much I won't believe - I guess I forgot to mention that lady in Nigeria never had a husband that died leaving her with 16 billion dollars that she wanted to give to me if I would give her Mumzie's Visa Card (16405-89923-46980) and pin number (7723), expires 10/13.

I'm not sure where Da

That's his name! His name is Da!

Anyhow, I'm not sure where Da got all the tools in the shop in the Garage, or why  he got them, but I plan on making good use of them.

Here is one that is very useful, for things other than using to whack fluffy kitty, although it would be pretty good for that, I'm thinking. Just look at this bad boy. Does you know what this thing is?

Neither did I, but I looked it up on http://www.strangetoolsinda' and it is called a bolt cutter.

You wouldn't believe what you can do with this puppy.
I know you guys need training, so lets get a few basics down before
I opens up the wonderful world of bolt cutting to you.

A bolt cutter has a working end:

and a Grips end 
Both of them is kind'a black, and they is connected by a pair of yellow handles. That's all the technical stuff we need to put this incredible tool into service.

So, What's a bolt cutter good for?


It/They will forevermore cut through stuff

and are helpful when

You can't find Da's bike cable key


You can't figure how to get through that gate that never seems to be open.

(I sure hope Yelow Dog comes back before the neighbors miss him. He sure seemed happy to make an escape, so I'm thinking he may be half way to Oklahoma by now.)

Sometimes a chain just needs cuttin

Freedom! Run Horseys!

I has a word of caution though
Stay away from Da's ring

oops... just like butter...

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