Friday, October 7, 2011

Hoo Doggies!

I has gathered you guys together tonight to sing the praises of
How could anyone let a week go by without a lovely red tubular slab of nitrate processed beef or pork wrapped up in baked wheat carbohydrate with spicy condiments, tasty vegetables 
 and meat sauce accompaniments?

Yes, we is talking Doggies!

Simple doggies
Spicy toppings
Chilled (yummy - extra onions for the PolyBear)

Cheesed (you betcha)

Qu'ed (I'm falling in love - prolly need a bath after this guy)
Krauted (Mumzie's Favorite)

Junked up (Too much fer me) 
Dressed to the nines (A Chi-town wonder - is that a kitchen sink under that pepper?)

They come in all sizes (Evidently Miz. Martha likes'em lengthy)
And whatever level of weirdness you can stand (something for everyone)

With Great Variety (Can you run us through the list again, please?)

and exotic Splendor (Today's special is one of each!)

And we all has our favorites (How could a few strips of !!! Bacon !!! be wrong?)

Having one for lunch is just like an invitation to a party


What in the world does some folks think? (Dang Communists)

Ain't them little guys cute? (they needs mustard)

Don't get me started...
(heaven fried up on a stick - double size that order for me, please)

This is just wrong/wrong on a whole bunch of levels
(Sorry Mumzie, Da made me post it)

I has ordered Da one of these for Christmas delivery.
He needs a hobby to share with his little PolyBear on the weekends.

Oh Da!!

I knows its late, but can we's go to the Sonic for a Footlong With Chili and TaterTots?

Mumzie said it could just be us guys!
Oh, and
Would we bring her back a Chocolate Malt?

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