Friday, October 21, 2011

The Horror Continues

!!! I is mortified !!!
Key Jaws Music

... First it was Tomatoes


and Now

Pumpkins has become recognized as another of the evidently many killer vegetables running amuk !!!

Yes they may look like happy carefree little fall harvest melons of the squash fambly

But as soon as it gets dark,
Watch out.

There is just no tellings what they may evolve into under the cover of darkness

You starts with a nice jack-o and

In no time at all, you'll find that they has become




Killers - yes killers of anything they encounters!

Personally, I has no ideas on earth or the 869 other inhabited planets of the 12 nearest star groups how any Da (alien or domestic) would let these untrustworthy vegetables get close to their childrens or the Mumzies of them childrens.

I could see allowing your Fluffykitty to run loose in the vacinity of a pumpkin,

I sometimes thinks they is in cathoots anyhow.

and some kitties can take care of themselves with no help from any of us

but how you would let a child or a PolyBear you love into such danger I can't imagine. Of course, better thems than me.

Interwebs Required Warning:

Do not alollow childrens or womens or sissy guys look at the next photo


Just look at the horrors on the face of this young lad
as a hord of orange fleshed monsters chases him down.
From the looks of this, he will stumble or be tripped up in just a short short and pretty quick after that, he will become a goner, just another enexplained pile of hair and bones out in a pumpkin patch.

OK you has been warned.
     I has done my duty as a journalist.
But, I'll continue for a moment longer cause Da hasn't yet brought me my Peanut Butter and Raisin sammich and the glass of chocolate milk I ordered twenty minutes ago.

I really need to hire better help around here.

We're talking smear the p-butter on the bread, sprinkle a handfull of raisins on top, trim offen the crusty edges and pour a glass of chilly-cold chocolate milk, then bring it to the PolyBear.
How hard can that be?

Oh wait, my warning. Let me get back to my warning.
Maybe you only bought one (pumpkin - one pumpkin - I has no idea where that fluffykitty came from but that is not our fluffykitty - our fulffykitty has his whskers singed away along with most of the hair inside his left ear  - due to an unfortunate fireworks demonstration gone amuck by a certain PolyBear who prefers to keep hs name out of print). Anyhow, I understand that you only purchased one pumpkin, but

But there are others out there (yes there are otherfluffy kitties too. That;'s a black one and our fluffykitty is yellow with some missing hair and a distinct odor of singe) But I meant pumpkins. There are othe rpumpkins out there.

And they gets together in a group and plots. Let me say that no good ever comes when gourds of different ethnic groups gets togther and plots, cause they can't be trusted. Some of them plotting above is hybreds and they is the worst of the lot.

Then they masses together until ... utill ... untill


They takes over the world (evidently after turning green). When they do, we is all in trouble.

Heaven help you if they gets bigger than you. This one looks big enough to take down that Old Fart in one chomp, especially if it can roll over him and pin his legs to the ground.

Worstest of all. horrible terrible things will certainly happen if
you lets your baby crawl too close to them Jack-o-Toothes.



You has been warned.


Oh they also makes really tasty pies.
Wonder if Mumzie would whip us up one for the weekend?
Kind'a chincey slice size don'cha think?
Also needs some chocolate milk.

Does we have any seconds?

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