Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bogus Scientist Tries To Make Bears Look Bad

I is outraged!

I is Indignant!

I is hungry for a TaterTot Snickysnack

Sorry, that just popped out.

Look at this and be outraged, indignant and TaterTot hungry,  too

NPR LinkyDink

It has come to my attention that some bogus, money hungry, uncaring federal investigator named "Chuck" who is named in the NPR LinkyDink posted above has cast questionable dispersions on the swimming ability of some of my Polar Bear buddies as he scams us in order to earn big bucks off governmental research grants with some phoney story about scientific study of Polar Bear Life in the far north - as if a reputable scientist would allow his mommy to name him "Chuck".

Facts to consider:

We is excellent swimmers

We is designed for survival in the frozen wastelands

We aint afraid of no iceberg (take that Titanic scaredycats)

Just treat us with respect, keep your distance, and no one will get eaten by an angry mommy bear playing piggyback with her li'lbear. How she got that radio tracking device around her neck will be the subject of another post of outrage, as in what right does the government think they has to track someone 24/7 who is simply minding their own bidness?

Just cause they wants to? I thinks not!


1 - We is for the most part, doing just fine, maybe a little wet.

2 - Govenment Grant Research Scientists is for the most part, blood sucking money grabbers who takes advantage of the good nature of Polar Bears. You has not seen a Polar Bear in this report who couldn't use that government polarbear study grant money more than Chuck the "scientist". So, is good old Chuck sharing even a dollar of his free government money with the Polar Bears that is providing him with a living by not sneaking up on him and having ChuckRoast for dinner?


3 - Evidently he got a "Needs Improvement" in Sharing, too.

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