Saturday, October 15, 2011

Late Night Stuff

An Inquiring Reader from Australia recently asked,

"What is the best time for a hard working PolyBear to get some stuff done?"

I always tries to answer such thought provoking questions so I thought I would take a minute or two to respond to my readers.

Late Night works for me.

Here I is gettin ready to check out the several hundred emails I gets each day.

Dooin research - so hard to keep up with what my bear buddies around the world are up to.

Oh Course, One always needs a break every now and then.

Maybe taking a little Hulu classic movie break

Maybe droppin by to chat for a minute with my main squeeze chat room close friend, Miz.Shiela while she's on break from her hostess job in Vegas (HubbaHubba - she's mine guys)

Everybody occassionally needs some Just-Me-Time away from prying eyes and it's so hard for a famous interwebs star to get away for a moment to scratch - them paparatzies spys is everywheres these days. Shoo! Scat!

Yes, there is always work, work, work - Blogs to write, Novels to compose, INterWebSites to hack. I could use some Java - wonder if Da would get up and make a pot?


I is ever looking for my Mommie

This is all I got. Has anyone seen this Lady? Last year I heard rumors she was somewhere in Oregon, but I was unable to find any information on her whereabouts. I just wish I even had a name.

I knows almost nothing about my Daddy...

sigh,  i needs a moment here.

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