Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So Much e-mail to Answer

OK guys

I appreciate all the e-mails I get each day
and am happy to answer each
and every one I receive.

So without lingering any longer:

#1 - I don't think so, but I do appreciate the offer
#2 - See #1 above, sorry but I must decline
#3 - Vegas Baby - March 17th 9:30 pm at the Pink Lady.
I'll be the PolyBear sipping a root beer at the end of the Bar
#4 - Nope - not for any amount of money.
#5 - Sure, why not - next Friday night
#6 - I'm already reading a screen play on almost that exact
subject, but thanks for thinking about me.
#7 - Blues Brothers Scene 5 when the Penguin 
is at the top of the stairs 
#8 - Waffles, Funnel Cakes and Pancakes, then Muffins
#9 - Nascar - Bristol, TN - I'll be signing memorabilia
at the spring Richard Petty Driving Experience.
#10 - OK but just this one time. I'll have my people 
call your people next week.

That's all for tonight.
Keep those cards and letters coming!

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