Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Spiderman Plot Revealed Here!

I have been given access to exclusive pictoral content
on the new SpiderMan 4 Movie that I'll happily share
with all of my faithful readers and the seven or eight others
who somehow stumble in here from time to time and say,

"What the heck?"

The working title of the fim is

Spidey and the Chameleon

Spidey will be up against his greatest foe ever

The dreaded genetically altered villian 
Panther Chameleon, who seems determined to
dominate the rain forests of the world.

Spidey remains as conflicted as ever but eventually triumphs

over yet another cosmetically altered foe
set on world domination.
Yes Panther, we're talking about you!

As usual there is a lot of stuntman action to keep us
on the edge of our seats as Spidey does things only
a spider could do.

I understand Spidey does all of it himself.

and he carries the work off very well.
Quite believable action sequences.

The climax contains Spidey in a wonderful
Shakespearean sililoquy in the great
"To Be or Not To Be" tradition.

Done in a very dramatic mountain top setting
that doesn't look contrived or anything!
3D? You betcha.

I'm Thinking Oscar!

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