Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 Answers to today's e-mails

1 - No really it has always been that way.
2 - No, the man with the gun did not get eaten, although it would have served him right.
3 - No bears were harmed, although a few got the beegeezees scared out of them.
4 - Yes waffles most days, seriously. Because Mumzie is just that kind of Mumzie.
5 - It would cost quite a bit, plus airfare. My thought is that you couldn't afford it.
6 - About 600 years old, I think. You wouldn't believe how crabby he is in the morning.
7 - Six and a half.
8 - I know, Huba Hubba!
9 - THERE IS NO NINE. LIVE WITH IT! Sheeeeesh...
10 - On a Monday this month. No you can't. Must I do everything for you peoples? 
11 - What'ya mean not Chipmunks? I wouldn't tell her if I was you.

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