Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disappointment - How Painful Is Thy Sting

Those of us in the creative arts business must
quickly learn to live with disappointment. Rejection
is a part of what we do.

What seems like perfectly acceptable artful
expression to us may not be what the world
is ready to accept at all.

We stare at the dreaded blank computer screen for hours
looking for the perfectly original first line of our great
American PolyBear novel and then in a flash, our
eureka! moment comes:

"These were the best of times and the worst of times." 

and the world is not impressed.

Rejection happens to everybody and you must
find coping mechanisms if you are to survive.

Friends help in these times of great disappointment.

"It's ok George. Every actor has a bad screen test every
now and then. They were just casting this screenplay in a
different direction. There will be other movies for you.
Your chance will come. I think your feet were very happy."

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