Sunday, February 12, 2012

You Ever Realized You Were In Trouble?

What do you mean ZeroBear?

Oh you know - you're out in the ocean taking a
nice deep water swim, chatting with a buddy in his 
kayak. You're picking on him about what a wuss
he is for not swimmming. It's a beautiful day.
The water is great.

Then you hear those famous last words,

No, not

"There's a bite missing from my funnel cake!"
although that would be pretty bad.

The words you hear are,

"What's that in the water over there?"

Example #2 of bad stuff happening

You are an excellent surfboard paddler.

You love being out there in the deep water doing your thing

You are the best

For you to lose balance and fall off into the ocean
just about never happens.


You have no idea why, but

You decide to take a look behind you...

and the words "Oh Noze!" are all you can get out
before you feel an inquisitive little nudge to the back 
of your board.


The ocean belongs to the sharks.

and to them, you are not much more than
a food item.

Am I exaggerating?

I think not.

Now, excuse me I have some
funnelcake investigations to complete.

"Da, have you been
messing around with my Funnelcake?"

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