Monday, February 20, 2012


You are visitor number

!!! 1,000,000 !!! 
(Pay no attention to that Visitor Counter to the right.)

As such, you are eligible for entry into the
February 2012 ZeroBear Prize Giveaway!

(I wish I was as lucky as you)

We have lots of swell prizes this month

All you have to do is send a certified cashier's check
for $456,986,237.28 (To cover shipping and handling)
to ZeroBear PolyBear's February, 2012 Rigged Contest,
care of ZeroBear's numbered bank account (R18774/ZDP)
ZeroBear Pirate Bank, LLP, 37 Bahama Momma Avenue,
CaveMan Island, Gulf of Mexico.
And we will eventually get around to letting
you know what you've won.

Yes, It's just that simple!

This month only we will accept
great hunking big sacks of Krugerrands
In place of checks.

(Small print note follows)
We reserve the right to substitute

a really nice stick, similar in size and construction
to the one shown, should we be out of slingshots
on the day we award your prize.

We also reserve the right to "Indian Give"
your prize should that be easier of if we can't
find a stick in the yard, which is highly unlikely.

I wish I was as lucky as you!

I bet everyone you know is proud
of your incredible fortune.

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