Monday, February 6, 2012


We were driving over to Parchman Farm last week
to visit Granny who is doing 30 to life for
hijacking a truckload of Bananas back in '87
and I noticed a sign out by the highway.

You know me. I had to know, so I asked Da

What's hitchhiking?

You wouldn't believe what he said.

He said that if need a ride really bad, you can stick out your
thumb and folks will pull over and give you a free ride.

What a Hoot that Da is!

Then we got home and I asked Mr Wikipedia the
same question.

I guess Da wasn't fooling with me after all. It seems that as
long as there have been cars and roads,
there have been hitchhikers.

No, that's not Da. That's some other Old Dude who
appears to be younger than Da.

There have even been movies made about hitchhikers.
I think this one was called "The Hitchhiker" Catchy title.

Da says hitchhiker movies usually don't end well
and that you really should think twice before
picking up a hitchhiker.

I don't know much about the movie shown above.
Maybe the driver was going too slow.
Sometimes Da drives too slow.
I bet that guy in the back seat likes to go fast.

Anyhow, you should think twice before picking up
hitchhikers, even the good looking ones.

Da says never do it. I'm not so certain.

I think it would be ok to pick up this guy.
You never know when you might need to cut up
a tree that has fallen across the road and he looks
like he is ready to help with that.

Da is such a worrier.

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