Friday, February 24, 2012

Everyone Wants to Know

His proud Papa gets asked all the time and
always responds the same way.

"No, he was the principal foot double in the movie,
but they heard something they didn't like in his accent,
so they gave the role to that other kid, who isn't even
from the South Pole. If I'm correct, he was living in a
zoo in Boston when they found him and can't dance
at all. I do know for a fact that of all the kids that they
called back for a second screen test, his feet
were the happiest."

"I had a screen test once, for that movie where the big ship
sunk. Here's my King of the World pose. I would have been
much better in the male lead, but I understand why they chose
DeCaprio. It's just the business we're in."

He always walks away after that and won't say anything more.

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