Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Yeh, it's Academy Awards Night

You know Oscar's big night.

My good buddy Billy Crystal was really shocked
when they asked him to host again. I gave him
some good lines for his opening and I think
he'll do the good job he always does.

I'll be there. watch for me. I'm sitting between Clooney
and the Pittster so that I can keep them from throttling
each other during their big moment as
Best Actor is announced.


I'm up for Best Blog by a PolyBear named ZeroBear.

I'm wearing a BowTie by Mr. John's Men's Store
with a Mumzie Knitted Hat and my favorite Da Sweater.
Cut down and custom tailored by Mumzie to fit of course

That's Miss Scarlett on my arm,
She's my main Holywood Squeeze.


Yes I think so, but I've always enjoyed the
reputation of being a good looking PolyBear.

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