Saturday, February 4, 2012

Updated answers to e-mail questions

1 - No lots of Bears have them. It may be genetic. I think I was born that way.
2 - At least once a day, sometimes more than that.
C - We try to stay away from that subject for legal reasons.
4 - Yes I really am that old.
5 - Craig Ferguson rules Late night.
6 - Hubba Hubba that's all I will say about that.
7 - No I am fairly apolitical actually the Polar Bear Party.
8 - Yes Polar Bears are big partiers. Probably that midnight sun stuff.
9 - Jimmy BoneBreaker DeSteffanos - For over 12 years. He is relatively inexpensive and never lets you down.
10 Yes, we had a special (today only) that included a product placement ad in the coveted number 9 position for Jimmy (The BoneBreaker) DeSteffanos. His business has been down somewhat due to the recession.

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