Saturday, November 5, 2011

More News From The Ever-Increasing World of Dangerous Vegetables
Ace Interwebs Reporter
ZeroBear PolyBear, esq.

Yes, I is ever in search of startling information that my many readers need to keep current on as they attempts to navigate their way through the ever more dangerous world of vegetable danger. In light of this, tonight we needs to discuss that vegetable that strikes fear into the hearts of vegetable munchers around the world and in Georgia.

Yes, Dear Hearts, tonight we is going to discuss


!!!! Yikes !!!!

Granted, this hardy flowering plant of the Mallow fambly, with the edible seed pod is a highly sought after ingredient of any decent Gumbo.

Them little green things floating in that luscious sausage, chicken and gravy treat is Okras, which is African for Okras.

Whoo'da thunk it?

Okras is nice cooked many different ways.

They is tasty fried treats.

A slimy delicacy when boiled.

Interesting grilled on a skewer stick
(to keep them from running away)

Da, likes them cooked with To-matters.
Yes, the same To-matters featured in the killer To-matter movies

Salad lovers (not me) likes'em pickled.

Shoot, they is even good frittered.
(that red and Green out of focus junk is salsa for Mumzie and Da, but not this little PolyBear)


Did you noze that they is also Notorious Fighters?

Well they is....

As an example, look no further than Cleveland, Mississippi and the Delta State

Is you ready for this?

Delta State Fighting Okras!

Evidently these Okras is scary fierce

I think this little sandle wearing fellow is a goner.

If my sources is correct, there is one last even more fierce Okra out there and as an ace (of clubs) reporter I feels it is my duty to all of my fellow reporters faithfully serving the public in their positions of responsibility to Interwebs News reading public to share the Truth

Can you handle the Truth?

Can You Handle it?

Is you sure?

Well here it comes.   

Yes Here is the much feared




Uh ... Forget that last one.

My Bad.

They wants a retraction?

Oh the shame of forced humility!

"I ZeroBear PolyBear, esq. hereby states that I was misled by FluffyKitty and hereby retracts anything I may have wroten about Miz Okra Winfrey. Sorry, Okra."
(the Hugely embarrassed faced)
ZeroBear PolyBear, esq

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