Friday, November 11, 2011

I don't want to alarm everyone

But until that big scary clock in the front hallway

bongs out midnight again, you guys needs to be scared out of your begeezers!

Cause it's here!


Softly, 11/11/11 lest we be heard speaking it's name

3 tips for the smarter of you who knows to listen to a (smarter than you) PolyBear

1 - Trust no one - Not even Mumzie and Da can protect a little polybear from the calendar boogers that is likely to attack on this most dreaded of days that must not be mentioned very loud, until it is gone. cause it might hear you and decide you hasnot shown proper respect.

2 - Stock up on Chocolate bars.

Cause they is tasty and if the end is coming, why would you not want to face it without the scent of chocolate on your breath. Maybe we needs some pronto pups, too

cause a pronto pup is good anytime. That's four for me and one for Da.

3 - If it moves, shoot it.

I has the old PigBlaster loaded and has lots of spare cartridges handy. If I sees it moving today it is gettin blasted out of existence. Da is already down at the emergncy room getting pig shot picked out of his keester cause walked in the bedroom from the hallway early this morning without proper response to my "Halt, Whoose Goes Theres?" challenge. How was I to know he had gotten up to light the fire under the coffee pot. You'd think he would at least give the old "Hooty Hoot" as he came down the hallway so I would know it was him or a friendly owl and not a ZoMbie Pig that needed to be dispatched.

4 - Always have Backup Ready

Fluffy Kitty has been gone ever since he saw me get these babies out of my hidey place. What a weeney. Wonder what Mumzie did with my matchbook.

6. You really needs another backup in case the first couple don't work. It would be a good idea to make sure you know

where your ZDK (Zombie Defense Kit) is located.

5 - When in doubt, Hide.

I is well hid under the duvet and will likely remain there, unless Mumzie fires up the Vacuum, cause I is a little scared of tha vacuum ever since I saw what it did to FluffyKitty that night when he was sleeping on the hallway rug and I let it get away from me.

It was an assident, I swears. Most of his hair has grown back and his tail is once again pretty straight, except for the little tippy part that got caught in the wolf trap jaws that time. He trys to lord it over me by saying that the vet told Mumzie it will always be like that. I think it gives him character, kind'a like a pirate with a peg leg, or  a black-patch eyeball. Anyhow, he shoul'a known better than to try to eat canned tuna off a Wolf Trap trip plate.

Oh well, be careful today.

Be very careful.

If we all make it and some of us probably won't,

I'll see youtomorrow.

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