Monday, November 7, 2011

I will have more to say about this later

But you guys needs to see what our four wheeling friends in RedNeck Land is up to these days.

This post serves two functions:

1 - Shows what having a four wheeler and a can of amber fluid will get you into.

2 - Identifies the incredible feats rednecks are capable of accomplishing.

3 - Points out that we need only wait a while longer before we can expect an ESPN special on Lake Skimming.

4 - Shows that I will respond to e-mail suggestions from readers - A big thank you our Pittsburg, PA four wheeler fans. 

As requested, here is the results of me and FluffKItty doing the same thing. It's so hard to get FlulffyKItty to try anything new. He said he didn't want to do it with me, but I lured him into his kitty traveling cage that I had strapped to the back rack of the four wheeler with a can of Mumzie's tuna. He yowled a little, but otherwise seemed OK when we started across.

Probably needed to keep the throttle wide open and not stop mid-crossing to have a look at the sights. Something flashy attracted my attention. I'm sure it was a bad idea to stop for a look.

Tri County Wrecker Service has a diver who will attempt to rescue Da's Yamaha and hopefully get it running in no time at all. Whoo'da thunk they doesn't float?

Da probably bought a cheap one. He hardly ever thinks his way through all the possbilities before making a purchase decision. He always has been bad about not thinking things through.

A couple of fishermen pulled me out floating southward about a mile down the creek. Good thing someone noticed me. Evidently I was on my way to the Gulf, via Mobile. If they hadn't noticed a litle wet ball of fuzzyfur floating along I'da had to take up beach bumming or off shore Oil Rig work until Mumzie made Da come and look for me. 

You hasn't seen FluffyKity has you? He seems to be missing at the moment. Probably show up at the back door in a day or two. He always does.

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